Digital Democracy: The Rise of the E-Petition | The Friday Article

As it stands, 134,235,920 petitions have been set up on, and 5,551 petitions have been created on the website.
We are seeing a rise in a digital democracy. More than ever, social media has allowed us to provide political commentary and now, petitions are becoming ever more important in politics today.

Now, when the government makes changes we do not like, all we need is a petition with 100,000 signatures for the topic to be debated in parliament.

In the past, petitions were very much a physical piece of paper demanding change, but now it has moved online – to a place where even more people can see it and sign.

I suppose we’ve seen this with crowdfunding sites, too. Kickstarter and Crowdfunding both see people rallying together to make change.

But, with petitions making more of an impact online, are we seeing the rise of a digital democracy?

What do you think? Have you signed a petition? What was it for? Comment below!