A Thousand Words: Summer in the City 2017

At long last, I’ve finally attended a SitC (or Summer in the City) in full. 2015 saw me volunteer for a charity on the Creator Day, and I was only able to attend the Sunday last year. Now, I’ve been there for all three days and it’s been a blast from start to finish.

The first photo in this series which wasn’t taken by me. Thanks Teddy Ebbesen for the snap!

I should start by saying just how wonderful the YouTube community is when it’s squeezed into the ExCel in London, or indeed, when you spot a fellow viewer on a train. There’s no ice to break at this conference, and I’ve made so many friends because of that. Thank you to you all.

The other great thing is the amount of creators I was able to meet and panels I was able to attend. This was also my first year entering the Meet and Greet ballot, and because of that I was able to meet PetesJams, Emma Blackery and JaackMaate.

I met other creators outside of these M&Gs too, of course, who were just as nice. As for the panels, discussions on issues such  as disability and producing a sketch made me want to pick up the camera and film another video as soon as I got home.

I’m reluctant to talk about the convention too much, purely because I’ll be uploading a detailed, bumper vlog about the weekend to my YouTube channel soon. Look forward to that!


ThinkerVlogs shall return…

In case you didn’t know, I now have a YouTube channel! I’ve already uploaded videos about my time in Lincoln and when I visited Manchester in October this year. However, now I am running out of ideas…

I recently wrote a blog post about Vlogging for the Camera Shy. Whilst I had a lot of ideas at first as to how to film without my face on-screen, I can only do montages when I’m out and about. Sadly, with assignments due soon, that’s something I’m not doing often.

However, with my journalism studies at university teaching me how to present to camera, maybe I’ll no longer be camera shy in the future? We shall see…

In the meantime, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here.