#NewMusicFriday: ‘Always In Between’ by Jess Glynne

Although diverse and wide-ranging, the Hold My Hand singer’s sophomore release is generic, pandering pop which for the most part lacks impact and distinction – ★★★

There was something promising about Always In Between. With just under half of the tracklist for Glynne’s debut being taken up by singles we’d heard before, the new sounds of I Cry When I Laugh were overshadowed by the déjà vu of the old. Her follow-up was destined to be fresh, unheard of and a continued exploration of new directions for the London musician, yet the end result was a lot more underwhelming.

Alexis Petridis of The Guardian sums up the mediocre nature of the album well in his review. The second album should always offer a sense of progression, which Always In Between offers, albeit through the popular vocal styles and musical genres of the day. There’s ballads such as Insecurities for the Adele fans, while Never Let Me Go blends the Sheeran-esque guitar melodies with the harsh trap which has been dominating pop music lately.

Once again, it’s the singles which pack the punch on the record. Hit-makers Rudimental make These Days a vibrant summer jam, while talented singer-songwriter Frances lends a helping hand on the stripped-back pop track All I Am. 123 has a sense of soulful familiarity to it that we’ve probably heard before, while I’ll Be There has hard-hitting drums and catchy yodel-like vocals. The final single, Thursday – released a day before the album – is a refreshing, soft track away from the usual vibrant, loud sounds.

Glynne’s portfolio of hits is testament that there’s a winning formula there somewhere working with a phenomenal voice, yet Always In Between lets this descend to a point of disappointing blandness. It’s a comfortable background listen, but for a voice like Glynne’s, it should be one which commands your attention.

Always In Between is available now.


T.G.I. Thursday!: Liam Attends a Driving Course!

Today saw the blogger, Liam O’Dell, attend a course run by his local council, and saw him drive a car for the first time.

The budding journalist attended a local course, called Xccelerate, which lead to him driving a car whilst supervised for the first time. He believes that he did well despite only stalling the car once and handled the art of steering.

The blogger, aged 16, said: “It was a pretty nerve-wracking experience. It was my first time and so it felt surreal and weird to be in the driving seat. But it was really good fun, and a memorable experience.”

At the end of the course, Liam felt comfortable and knew that he had learnt a lot from the session. He now knows all the important information he needs to drive a car in the future.


T.G.I Thursday!: The Start of Me Getting Back into Blogging…

O.K., so it used to be that I blogged every day on this blog, with a clear schedule taking place. But, it feels as though my blog needs that extra something, and I want to get more readers (of course, but not only that, if I get 8,000 views by the end of April, I will have on average, 1,000 views a month). So I need to get my thinking cap on once more, as I may be busy, but also, I can’t think of what to blog about!

I have heard of The Daily Prompt, but yet again, I don’t want to rely on them every day for my blog, as I want my blog to be specific to me (without it sounding selfish). So I need to start thinking of original ideas that are specific to me… Hmm…

I have had a thought, and after the success of imPRESSive, I can now report that something new is being planned which aims to unite bloggers (more info when I find out what it is) and I will try and make it so that everyone is involved!

So, what I aim to do now, is do more “progress” posts, as these can be linked to the meaning of this blog, as it is talking about personal progress. So, I’ve had an idea which I think combines this with a hobby of mine. As well as that, it will be posts similar to my NaNoWriMo updates that I did last year. Anyway, what I am going to post about is my new book!

Sorry, but not the actual chapters due to spoilers and me being protective over my work (plagiarism an’ all). But I hope that by doing this, I can record a full writing journey, and should inspire some of you guys.

So, expect the first to be coming out shortly! It should be nice for you to get an insight into my writing process. The first will be up shortly!

Let me know if you think this is a great idea!