Musical Discovery: ‘Go!’ by Public Service Broadcasting

Ever since I saw Public Service Broadcasting perform at last year’s Glastonbury, I’ve always been interested in their new style of music. For those who don’t know, the alternative band combine archive footage with creative instrumentals to make catchy songs. When I saw their set in Glastonbury, there was one song which stuck out – Go! Well, I rediscovered the song recently and so it is today’s Musical Discovery.

Taken from their album, The Race for Space, this track contains sound bites from the 1969 moon landing. Aside from the catchy lyrics and chorus standing out in this song, it is the fast-paced instrumental which also brings this song to life. With a driving, complex drum beat mixing with sharp guitar riffs and atmospheric electronic melodies, this track is a stand-out track on the album which captures the magic of space exploration.

If you liked this, you may also like their epic funk jam, Gargarin. Personally, it’s a great song to dance to but not something I’d listen to for leisure.

What do you think of this song? Comment below!



The Friday Article: Liam Witnesses the Solar Eclipse

Lifestyle blogger Liam O’Dell was, amongst many others, able to witness the partial solar eclipse.

Earlier this morning, Liam noticed the start of the solar eclipse, as the moon started to cover the Sun. The blogger was able to safely take photos of the eclipse throughout the process.

After speaking to the aspiring journalist, he admits that astronomy has always been a fascinating to him.

“I was never really good at biology or chemistry.” said Liam. “But astronomy has always fascinated me because it’s something to be marvelled. It can be so complex.”

After the eclipse, Liam was glad to be able to witness such an extraordinary astrological event.