Musical Discovery: Alesso and Duke Dumont

Last week, whilst listening to BBC Radio 1, I stumbled across the latest track by Alesso called Sweet Escape. I had previously seen it on YouTube, but after hearing it a lot recently, it’s become one of two Musical Discoveries this week!

The other track which I discovered recently is Duke Dumont’s new single, Ocean Drive. After taking a quick look at iTunes’ ‘Hot Songs’ category, I noticed that Duke Dumont had a new song out. I liked the preview, listened to the song in full on YouTube and really liked it!

Sweet Escape by Alesso feat. Sirena

Beginning with a violin melody, it’s clear that the song’s tone is different to tracks such as Cool and Heroes (we could be). Instead, the song creates a euphoric feel with simplistic guitar strumming similar to that of Deadmau5’s The Veldt.

But then as the song progresses nicely towards the chorus, the guitar melody develops to create a vibrant and euphoric feel which is accompanied by Sirena’s smooth vocals in lines such as: “And if you fall, I pick you up/I follow you till the end of time“. During this, Alesso is quick to add the track’s main electronic interlude, which is not rushed but instead gradually increased to create a great melody.

Whilst the chorus comes across as loud and upbeat, the song then has stripped verses sections which further develops the track’s euphoric style. When comparing Sweet Escape to previous releases, it’s clear that this adds diversity to Alesso’s debut album, Forever.

Ocean Drive by Duke Dumont

A groovy bass-like synth melody is introduced at the start of Duke Dumont’s song. Once again, the DJ pays homage to the 80’s style of music with sections of the song sounding similar to tracks such as Stevie Wonder’s Signed, Sealed, Delivered and Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson (which some comments on the YouTube video have mentioned). However, this is somewhat typical of Dumont’s style, with Won’t Look Back sounding similar to Black Box’s hit, Ride on Time.

As usual, the vocals – this time from Boy Matthews – remain soulful and continue the 80’s tribute. In particular, the line: “Pretending we’re in love, when it’s never enough.” contains fast-paced lyrics typical of dance tracks in the eighties.

With an almost off-beat drum rhythm and a groovy bass guitar riff, Ocean Drive sees funky instrumentals combine with soulful vocals to create another great eighties tribute from Duke Dumont.

What do you think of these two tracks? Comment below!