#NewMusicFriday: ‘Grip’ by Seeb x Bastille

Calming and immersive, this Seeb and Bastille collab is the latest dance hit to add to the band’s impressive catalogue of high-profile collaborations.

It’s not often that Dan Smith and the rest of Bastille take it down a notch. Known both on-stage and in the recording booth for their loud, boisterous anthems, the group have very rarely strayed from that specific sound.

With Grip, it’s clear that Smith and co. wanted someone wanted to listen to the previously live-only track with fresh eyes – or rather, ears. On this occasion, they turned to hit Swedish remixers Seeb, who, as Smith says himself, transformed the song into “something new and completely different” which still has the “euphoric highs and crashing lows of night-chasing” of the original.

Striking that balance is what makes the electronic duo such masterful producers, fluttering effortlessly between catchy minimalism and elaborate creativity. Here, Smith takes the former with his usual soft vocals, whilst Seeb pursue the latter with a stripped-back main melody. It’s your usual Bastille bravado, but not in the way that you expect – and that’s what makes Grip so… well, gripping.

Grip is taken from Other People’s Heartache (Pt. 4), available to stream and download now.


#NewMusicFriday: ‘Drink About’ by Seeb feat. Dagny

It’s been nearly three years since the Norwegian DJ duo Seeb shot into the spotlight with their hit remix of I Took A Pill in Ibiza. What followed was a string of collaborations on remixes and original tracks – the group working with the likes of One Republic and Ocean Park Standoff – before last month, the hitmakers finally announced the launch of their debut EP.

Nice to Meet You is out on 20 April, but today saw the release of the first single from the record – Drink About, featuring fellow Norwegian, Dagny.

Once again, Seeb’s traditional, bouncy synths shine through underneath a steady rhythm – a style which has sadly become a bit too repetitive after a lengthy back catalogue from the group, yet still strikes a unique tone with calming piano chords in the verses which make Drink About a more laid-back release.

Although the instrumental backdrop to the track may appear all too familiar, it’s usually the vocal structure of the song which tends to deliver the fresh sound. In this case, Dagny – another artist close to their big music breakthrough.

Like Paloma Faith but without the slight raspiness, the 27-year-old experiments with the flow of lyrics in a playful manner, moving seamlessly between controlled, soft vocals and smooth high notes on this anti-love song.

Packed full of the typical characteristics of a Seeb hit, Drink About easily falls into the uniform structure of the Norwegian group’s previous works, yet somehow also generates a calmer pace unlike remixes such as Lost Boys and Rich Love.

If the lead single is ever demonstrative of the full picture of an EP, then there’s a chance we could see more relaxed tones in addition to club hits when Nice To Meet You is out in two weeks’ time.

Musical Discovery: ‘Lost Boys’ by Ocean Park Standoff vs. Seeb

Hit remixers Seeb seem to have a knack for shining a spotlight on underrated musicians.

The Norwegian duo somewhat revived the career of Cooler Than Me singer Mike Posner with their version of I Took A Pill in Ibiza. Now, in their latest collaboration, they place some attention on Ocean Park Standoff as they present their twist on their track, Lost Boys.

With the original chorus having a slower beat and more atmospheric feel to it, it’s Seeb that give the track the traditional spring in its step through bouncy, off-beat synth mixing in-between a driving rhythm. Such a motif across the DJs’ portfolio may make listeners wonder what sets each song from their backlog apart. Yet, it’s always the melody which accompanies the jumpy vibe which makes every new Seeb remix exciting. In this case, three pronounced electronic notes is a small touch that makes this remix all the more catchy.

Not only that, but the initial chorus serves as an anthemic build-up to the trio’s euphoric drop – the progression to which is pretty much seamless. The track starts a tad clumsy with the opening chorus cut short, but it’s stripped-back introduction which is quickly emboldened by bolder drums in the bridge. There’s no denying that – at the start of each evrse – the track maintains the laid-back style and vocal emphasis of the original. Singer Ethan Thompson’s sound (which sounds very similar to Too Close artist Alex Clare) remains soulful and powerful throughout.

Packed with a strong, kicking tempo and a colourful interlude, Seeb’s remix of Lost Boys presents Ocean Park Standoff fans with a fast-paced club alternative to a track they know and love. It’s upbeat and vibrant, whilst not overshadowing the original version in the slightest. Just how remixes should be.

Musical Discovery: ‘Rich Love’ by One Republic with Seeb

It was only a matter of time before OneRepublic returned with another summer smash. Before the rise of trap and tropical house, the pop-rock five-piece joined forces with Alesso to create the club track, If I Lose Myself. Now, the band hook up with hit remixers Seeb for the upbeat and exotic bop, Rich Love.

Two years since their number one remix of Mike Posner’s I Took a Pill in Ibiza, the duo (formed of Simen Matre Eriksrud and Espen Berg) have secured what can be described as their most high profile collaboration yet. By working with the group behind Counting Stars, Rich Love is more than likely to be the next single to propel the DJs into the spotlight once more.

It’s a combination of catchy lyrics and a fluid melody which really sells the track. Lines such as broke as a bottle of a wine stand out amongst fast-flowing vocals. Then comes a tune typical of Seeb (bouncy, trickling and with some hazy synth in the background) which offers a new style of anthemic pop for OneRepublic to play across their summer tour.

Rich Love is available now on iTunes and Spotify.

Musical Discovery: ‘What Do You Love’ by Seeb (feat. Joseph Banks)

Seeb have made a name for themselves. After two hit remixes – I Took A Pill in Ibiza and Hymn for the Weekend – the time has come for the duo to release their own original single in the form of What Do You Love.

Adopting a slower tempo, Seeb’s new single is a smooth track to listen to alone, as opposed to a party hit to play to friends. Joseph Banks’ vocals also prove this, with a brand of soul similar to the style we hear in Sigma’s Redemption.

Once again, Seeb know how to build-up to a drop, with instruments being introduced over time. We hear the soft, bouncy synth at first alongside a clapping beat, before a drum beat is introduced. The end result is a chorus which places emphasis on both Banks’ vocals and the almost jazzy synth melody underneath it. The chemistry between these two elements of the song is what leads to this single being a unique addition to Seeb’s list of hits.

Granted, What Do You Love may not be similar to I Took A Pill in Ibiza, but their unique bubbly synth style returns to create a more laid-back, euphoric single.

What do you think of What Do You Love? Do you like their original tracks, or prefer their remixes? Comment below!


Musical Discovery: ‘Hymn for the Weekend’ by Coldplay (Seeb Remix)

With their remix of Mike Posner’s I Took A Pill in Ibiza, Seeb tapped into a heavily populated tropical house scene and offered something different. Their soft synth melodies, combined with unusual sound effects, was a style which spoke to music fans who wanted something different and saw their version of the track go all the way to number one. Now, their bouncy, off-beat style returns in a remix of Coldplay’s Hymn for the Weekend, which is this week’s Musical Discovery.

First of all, Seeb cut straight to the chase. In the original, it takes 32 seconds before we hear the backing instrumentals. Granted, Beyoncé’s humming vocals are interesting, but without no coherent lyrics or rhythm, it just didn’t appeal to me. In this remix, Chris Martin’s voice is introduced immediately, alongside upbeat synths which will remind listeners of their remix of I Took A Pill of Ibiza. However, this time, we are faced with something completely different. We hear brief audio samples from Martin combined with more unusual electronic effects, rather than a remix of the original chorus.

What is also admirable is how much of the original track is apparent in the remix. The vocals remain unscathed, with only the backing instruments being adapted and edited. Even the ending of this version mimics Beyonce’s calm and euphoric finish in the original, bringing a wonderfully euphoric version of the Coldplay single to a close.

What do you think of Seeb’s remix of Hymn for the Weekend? Do you prefer the original? Is it better than I Took A Pill in Ibiza? Comment below!


Musical Discovery: ‘I Took a Pill in Ibiza’ by Mike Posner (Seeb Remix)

Over the past two weeks I’ve been to a couple of parties, and there’s been one dance track which I love right now. At first, I wasn’t a fan of it, but as with most songs it grows on me after a while. This week’s Musical Discovery is I Took A Pill in Ibiza by Mike Posner (Seeb Remix).

Now for a lot of people, the name Mike Posner brings back memories from his dance classic, Cooler than Me. However, in this song, Posner describes his previous No.1 single as “a pop song people forgot”.

Therefore, it’s fair to say that the lyrics aren’t particularly positive – so it’s a bit bizarre to for Seeb to turn the track into an upbeat, bouncy synth anthem!

Nevertheless, the remix is both original and typical within the current dance industry. Bearing in mind we are in the middle of a tropical house craze, there’s no surprise to see a bouncyrhythm   present on the song. But, that being said, the track’s main trumpet-like synth melody is certainly what makes the song stand out.

What do you think of I Took a Pill in Ibiza? Is this a good return track from Mike Posner? Comment below!