Musical Discovery: ‘You’ by BLOXX

There’s always something exciting about finding a new band at the start of their musical journey. With nearly 3K followers on Twitter and only two singles under their belt, BLOXX (a four piece indie band from Uxbridge, West London) are still very much in their early stages, but have jumped in to the indie genre with gusto. You only need to look as far as their first track (Your Boyfriend) and their latest release, You – which came out last Friday – for proof.

A guitar melody which, upon first listen, sounded reminiscent of the Friends theme tune sets the upbeat, rocky tone for this track. Contrast Mozwin’s pounding drums with Ophelia Booth’s soft, mumbling vocals and you have a gritty indie anthem perfect for both live gigs and bedroom listening.

For the most part, it’s the ‘all too familiar’ guitar riffs and bass drums which are the true driving force of the song, but credit must also be given to Booth’s sound in the chorus. Now adopting a louder voice, it adds to the emotion created by the backing instruments to form the usual indie track we know and love.

As You builds on the success of Your Boyfriend, it looks as though we can expect to hear more of Bloxx on the radio in the future (the band have already had some coverage from the BBC), as well as some new material to boost the summer mood.


Musical Discovery: ‘Are We Ready? (Wreck)’ by Two Door Cinema Club

I fell in love with Two Door Cinema Club’s music at the right time. Whilst at university, I came across their past two albums – Tourist History and Beacon – along with Changing of the Seasons, and admired their unique style and memorable guitar riffs. This was just before they recently announced that a third album, entitled Gameshow, will be released soon. Yesterday, the first single, Are We Ready? (Wreck) premiered on BBC Radio 1 – signifying a return for a band many people have missed.

In a photo the band posted to Twitter last week, they said that Two Door Cinema Club is “bigger, better and stronger”. With Are We Ready? (Wreck), the track certainly gives that impression, but also hints that the trio haven’t severed ties to their previous work. In their debut album, the vibrant guitar melodies were the main aspect of their music which made them stand out in the industry. Now, this returns, with the track beginning with bouncy guitar and funky bass riffs.

Unlike the relaxed guitar and bass at the start, the drum beat – and the rest of the song – is quick to progress towards a more fast-paced rhythm. Although the transition between the two grooves wasn’t the smoothest of changes, it certainly adds an exciting element to the track – something built upon during the anthem-like chorus.

If I was to compare Are We Ready (Wreck) to other artists or songs, then lead singer ‘s vocals sound slightly similar to Irwin Sparkles (from The Hoosiers) in the chorus. Plus, if you loved the pulsing and rapid track, Go! from Public Service Broadcasting, then you’ll love the driving drum beat in this single.

On a separate note, the album artwork is yet another neon design – something adopted by The 1975 for their latest album, and the Electoral Commission for their EU referendum marketing. Is this a new trend? 

Gameshow is due to be released on the 14th October.

What do you think of Are We Ready (Wreck)? Are you glad to see Two Door Cinema Club return? Comment below!


Fresher’s Week: The Welcome Party

Last Sunday, I started university with Freshers Week. First of all was the Welcome Party, which was a massive gig with performances from Guy Alderton, Duke and finally, BBC Radio 1 DJ’s Scott Mills and Chris Stark. Over the course of the late evening (from 10pm to 1am), I bumped into my room mates and course mates and had a good chat and dance with them all. Overall, it was a great start to my university life. So, what did I think of the evening?

DJ Guy Alderton


Guy Alderton was the perfect warm-up act for the Welcome Party’s performances. Dropping awesome remixes of current hits and all-time favourites (such as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ Thrift Shop), Guy’s set was fresh and interesting. His interaction with the crowd also made him the perfect support act for the Welcome Party.




Admittedly, I was quick to judge this act. Beat-boxing was never really my thing and I was rather bored fifteen minutes in. However, after the band explained their unique beat-boxing talents, I was in awe. Duke’s ability to recreate the best and well-known dance tracks, using nothing more than a guitar and a voice, is unbelievable and incredible. A really interesting and entertaining act!


Scott Mills and Chris Stark


Then, for the last act of the evening, we were introduced to Scott Mills and Chris Stark. Whilst I could only see the first few minutes of their set, their song choices as well as their ability to engage with the crowd was excellent. As well as that, when they experienced a technical hiccup early on in their set, the duo were quick to recover and provide alternative entertainment. A great DJing duo, Mills and Stark brought a great night of dance and celebrations to a close.


So that was the Welcome Party, and it was a blast! Next up on my event agenda is a comedy show next week, Mega Games with Tom Webb, which a review will be up on the blog soon!