‘Quiz’ review – James Graham’s ‘coughing major’ play explores justice in a post-truth era

James Graham’s latest play Quiz is one of binary oppositions. At its heart, audience members tackle the question of whether ‘coughing major’ Charles Ingram was guilty or not guilty of cheating on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, whilst also exploring truth versus falsehood, and showbiz versus justice.

Photo: Johan Persson.

No doubt a political playwright, Graham says the “curious overlapping of light entertainment with criminal justice” in the Ingram case became a “prominent theme” whilst working on the play. Yet this particular point feels lost in amongst the nostalgic, exaggerated and slightly excessive quiz presenter impressions by Keir Charles (although this portrayal was most likely deliberate), the brief media circus scenes, gimmicks in the court case and the audience pub quiz. Although a treat for hardcore gameshow fans, the connection is a weak one.

Perhaps the strongest point suggested by Graham is one around post-truth – a political concept surging in importance in a time of Trump and Brexit. As both acts explore different narratives in the trial before asking the audience to vote, confirmation bias and manipulation are thrust into the spotlight for the crowd’s scrutiny. In a time where we find ourself subscribing to different narratives and interpretations of the facts, the investigation of this through the courtroom is Graham’s strongest point.

Accompanying the thought-provoking writing are some great performances from the cast. Utopia‘s Gavin Spokes delivers an impressive performance as the eccentric major, Stephanie Street is a solid Diana Ingram and Greg Haiste plays a variety of roles with vibrancy. Sarah Woodward and Paul Bazely also give enthusiastic portrayals of the two lawyers involved in the trial.

Chuck all this in with audience participation and a fourth wall break, and you have a thrilling multi-media production that both investigates and challenges reality. Quiz is a must for big thinkers and gameshow fanatics.

Rating: 4/5


Age UK launches lip-reading quiz | The Friday Article

A quiz, which challenges hearing people to lip-read ten silenced videos, has been released by Age UK Hearing Aids as part of this year’s Lip-Reading Awareness Week.

The quiz, which contains ten questions, asks participants to guess what is being said in silenced and looped videos by reading the speakers lips – as well as asking players to select the correct answer to the speaker’s question.

In an article promoting the quiz, Age UK Hearing Aids said: “Lip-reading is an essential skill for many with hearing loss problems, and alongside the use of hearing aids it helps those who are hard of hearing to understand others.

It adds: “It is a challenging skill to master and requires a lot of patience and concentration, which many of us with good hearing take for granted.”

Alongside the quiz, the article also offers tips for hearing people on how to better help a deaf/hard of hearing person to lip-read them. Those interested in learning how to lip-read can also find information about lip-reading classes as well as a site called ‘Lipreading Practice’.

If you are interested in completing the quiz, you can find it here.