Upping my photography game

Until now, I’ve been thanking my lucky stars that Flickr’s Creative Commons and fair use laws exist. Whenever I have an album to review or political opinion piece to write, I browse the site for photos to accompany my lines of text. It brightens the page and makes it livelier. However, upon looking at other bloggers and their websites, it’s clear that I need to include more original photos on this blog.

I remember a friend telling me a short while ago that they missed my lifestyle posts on this blog. During the changeover, where my blog became an online portfolio for my journalism, out went my Weekly Update posts in exchange for more professional articles. Except now, where I think I’ve finally found the middle ground.

During my second year at university, the Digital Photography module reignited my passion for photography. Keen not to let new passions die, I’ve been considering taking a photo a week to encapsulate my seven days. I’d be able to complete my – at present, failing – New Year’s Resolution to take more, whilst also going back to the blogging days where I talked about my everyday life.

For the past few weeks, blog posts have been pretty infrequent (which doesn’t help when it comes to competition entries), but I believe this should finally solve the issue about what I talk about on Sundays. Wednesdays are still problematic, but most of the time, these have been an extra music review, which is fine.

All being well, a new blog series – A Thousand Words – shall be starting very soon indeed…


Weekly Update: Thoughts and Opportunities

It’s nearing the end of March, but before that, I am off uni for Easter. As another term draws to a close, it’s always a time to reflect on not only the past week, but how the last term at university has been. So in this week’s Weekly Update, it’s time to reflect and look ahead to some exciting opportunities coming up.

First of all, I attended a Radio Symposium at the University of Lincoln on Wednesday, which was brilliant and inspiring. Throughout the day there were talks from numerous university professors, radio experts and the Head of Programmes from BBC Radio 1! Throughout the day there were opportunities to network and it’s fair to say that a few exciting opportunities have popped up since attending.

One of the things I’ve loved about being at university is how it opens doors. In the past, sending off interview requests to bands as nothing more than a ‘blogger’ could sometimes get you somewhere, but now I have my work with Siren FM under my belt – and the university resources – to help me get unique opportunities. It’s brilliant!

Another fun thing which happened this week was that I took part in a photoshoot! My good friend Frances was looking for someone to give her a hand with her assignments and I was happy to help. If you look at the blog header, that photo was taken by Frances – so she’s pretty amazing when it comes to taking photos!

Below is just one of the few photos which Frances took of me on Thursday. How awesome is this?! There’s a couple more on Frances’ Facebook page, so please do have a look and give the page a like while you’re at it.

Photo by the excellent Frances Amelia Photography.
Photo by the excellent Frances Amelia Photography.

After a busy few weeks at university, I’m now back home for two weeks. During that time I have a few things planned, but for the most of it I have time to relax and get some work done. Whilst on the train home I was able to get back into reading – which I’ve missed so much – and I am thinking about getting back into writing now that I have time. As always, I shall keep you posted.

In more miscellaneous news, I could not be any more excited to go to this year’s Glastonbury. Earlier this week, Adele was finally confirmed as the last headliner to join Coldplay and Muse at Worthy Farm – and the headliners are simply perfect.

I’ve said this in a previous post, but I never understood why people were so disappointed with Coldplay headlining Glastonbury on the Sunday. Their latest album, A Head Full of Dreams, also received its fair share of criticism. However, I really do think it’s a great album and the light at the end of Ghost Stories’ tunnel. AHFOD is such a euphoric album, so why not have Coldplay perform at one of the biggest UK festivals in the summer?

Then, when you combine Coldplay with Muse and Adele for the final lineup, there is something for everyone: you have a legendary pop group, an epic rock band and a powerful soul superstar. What more could you want?

Finally, Facebook Messenger updated its iPhone app to include a basketball mini game, and that’s not how I’ve been spending most of my weekend, honest! (My high score is 30 – can you beat it?)

Catch up on the latest episode of Brunchtime (which will return in April!)

How was your week? Comment below!


Radcliffe: Trying to Include More Pictures | The Friday Article

Renowned blogging site WordPress released a new, free blog theme for its bloggers yesterday – entitled Radcliffe.

The blog design was revealed by the blog hosting company through a blog post, and described Radcliffe as “a bold, modern theme that puts your content at centre stage.”

Upon inspection, I was quick to preview the design on The Life of a Thinker. Although I agree that the theme boasts “beautiful typography”, it has once again reminded me that I need to include more images on my blog – as the theme is very visual.

So unfortunately I have had to revert my blog to its comfy home of the Twenty Twelve theme (I know, I’m a bit behind in terms of years – I did have a look at the 2015 theme, but I prefer this one). However, if there is such a thing as a blogging resolution, it would be for me to whip out my smartphone and take more photos to use on this little site of mine.

I look forward to and await further improvements to this blog in 2015.


Catch it While You Can… | Weekly Writing Challenge


I love this picture, and I like to consider it my blog’s logo, as I use it so often on this blog. i guess you could say that it is literally, icon – ic… But anyway – joking aside – the folks at WordPress, in particular, those at the Weekly Writing Challenge have asked us to take a photo, and explain what makes it iconic. Here we go!

I took this picture when I visited Cornwall a couple of years ago. This image in particular was taken at a beach called Portcothan. The beach is so nice, and me being a bit cocky at the time with my photography skills, I thought I would experiment with the Sun in my images. Some worked better than others, and this one works perfectly.

Now having that picture to hand, it reminds me of the great memories and times I had in Cornwall, and Cornwall still is one of my favourite areas in the UK, and since this picture was taken, my love for taking pictures of rocks has grown. Linking with this, I thought I would go further into why we take pictures of rocks, and what makes rocks, and my pictures iconic.

Linking with the question the folks at WordPress asked: “What would a future archeologist say about this moment?”, we choose to take pictures because not only are we fascinated by their structure, but also, we take it because we will probably never get the chance in the future.

Without going too far into geography or erosional processes, waves erode at rock near the sea, and they lead to beautiful rocks like these:


No longer exist. So, go out and take pictures of these beautiful scenes before it is too late!