Musical Discovery: ‘Little Secrets’ by Passion Pit

Passion Pit is a band who always seems to find their way into my life at those euphoric moments. Their collaboration with my favourite DJ Madeon on the track Pay No Mind welcomed me into adulthood, and now Little Secrets was part of my Summer in the City 2017 soundtrack – a weekend which was absolutely incredible.

With kazoo-like electronica that sounds reminiscent of an old Nintendo game mixed with summery French music, there’s a sense of blissful nostalgia which distracts oneself from Michael Angelakos’ slightly irritating falsetto. It’s how the lyrics and vocals intertwine with fluttering synth and bouncy drums which makes Angelakos just about bearable on this track. Whilst there’s no denying that his high-pitched singing is impressive, using this as in an attempt to heighten the emotions isn’t entirely successful.

Instead, you have a track which is worth listening to because of the instrumentals. It defeats the purpose of the track somewhat, but the feel good vibes are nonetheless apparent – despite the song supposedly having a much darker meaning.


Musical Discovery: ‘Pay No Mind’ by Madeon feat Passion Pit (Lemaitre Remix)

I’ve always been sceptical of remixes. When the original version is something a lot of fans enjoy, seeing the single experimented on by other DJs can worry them. For me, remixes must offer something which is truly transformative, but also preserves the best parts of the original. I suppose something which has led to me becoming disillusioned with remixes is the fact that a lot of artists are keen to turn a song into a club anthem, when it really doesn’t need to be. It doesn’t work for all songs.

So, when I was browsing through Madeon’s releases on Spotify, I found some remixes for Pay No Mind – my favourite track from his debut album, Adventure (and my favourite song of all time, mind). For a long time, I ignored them, but out of desperation for a new Musical Discovery, I decided to give them a listen. Whilst the Yasutaka Nakata ‘CAPSULE’ remix was exactly what I feared in the first place (that it would be turned into a heavy club anthem which didn’t fit with the mood of the original version), Lemaitre’s remix of Pay No Mind is the perfect, upbeat version which does Madeon’s single justice. Their remix of the track is this week’s Musical Discovery.

At first, I mistook the track’s opening to be the same as the original. However, whilst it still has the blossoming note at the start, the bouncy drum beat which accompanies this is bouncy, upbeat, and sets the tone for the remix. In particular, this rhythm fits in perfectly with the lyrics in a way which is simply brilliant.

After this, we see the plucky, trickling melody alongside the jumpy synth chords which run throughout the song. Throughout the track, I was thrilled at all the nods to the original – from the unedited Passion Pit vocals, to the same drum beat and quiet, soft bridge. At the same time, there’s room for improvement. Instead of Madeon’s Daft Punk-style solo in the original, here we see Lemaitre build upon his unique tune before bringing the remix to a satisfying finish.

What do you think of Lemaitre’s remix? Have you heard the original version of Pay No Mind? Comment your thoughts below!


Musical Discovery: ‘Take A Walk’ by Passion Pit

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that my favourite song of all-time is Pay No Mind by Madeon feat. Passion Pit. The vocals have a positive message and the plucky guitar melody at the start is just great. However, for a long time now I haven’t listened to the featured artist – Passion Pit. It was only after a bit of searching that I discovered Take A Walk.

On Sunday, I asked my Twitter followers about whether to upload three individual reviews this week, or whether they should all be in one massive post. A few days before the Monday of this week, I wasn’t expecting any new music to come out, and so I reviewed Final Song by MØ. However, last Friday, Two Door Cinema Club surprised their fans with a new track called Bad Decisions. Finally, I stumbled across this track by Passion Pit and so I decided to post three reviews this week. I should also add that seeing a dog playing the drums to the track’s introduction also made me want to write about Take A Walk too.

Anyway, back to Take A Walk. After rediscovering the song, I just knew that I had heard it somewhere, be it on a movie soundtrack or on a TV advert (and no, not the Taco Bell one). At the start of the track, we hear a trumpet-style synth accompanied with a driving drum beat, and it met my expectations of what a typical Passion Pit song would sound like.

In his debut album Adventure, Madeon respected the musical style of every featured artist. We heard powerful drum beats in La Lune (which featured Bastille’s Dan Smith) and a more soulful pop track in You’re On (which suited the mellow vocals of Kyan). When it came to Pay No Mind, I could tell that Passion Pit’s style was plucky guitars and a little bit of synths, and this track certainly lives up to my expectations.

Whilst at first I wanted to compare this track to something from Imagine Dragons, Michael Angelakos’ vocals are rather unique in a heavily populated indie/alternative scene. They are soft and slightly whiny, but work perfectly with the backing instruments.

Lastly, we have the chant-like chorus, which has to be the most memorable part of the song. Although the lyrics are rather simplistic, it’s the return of the trumpet-synth along with the pulsing drums which really makes this chorus flourish.

What do you think of Passion Pit and Take A Walk? Are there any other songs that I should listen to? Have you heard of Pay No Mind? Comment below!


Musical Discovery: ‘Pay No Mind’ by Madeon feat. Passion Pit

After the powerful instrumental Imperium and groovy pop song You’re On, Madeon has released a vibrant, feel-good track called Pay No Mind featuring Passion Pit.

Beginning with a funky, off-beat guitar riff, it isn’t long before Madeon is able to demonstrate his talents as a DJ, and Passion Pit’s vocals, similar to that of MKTO, are introduced. With passionate, emotive lyrics, the track adds to the promising line up so far, and the vibrancy continues into a catchy and memorable chorus.

As a simplistic but memorable synthesiser melody is combined with vocal soul, the track develops into an interlude where Madeon develops his skills in remixing, beat drops and vocal distortions.

Then to conclude, the track ends with a crescendo that is a fitting conclusion to a powerful, creative piece – a great addition to Madeon’s upcoming debut album, Adventure.


P.S. You can read my reviews for Imperium and You’re On by clicking the hyperlinked text.