Musical Discovery: ‘Treasured Soul’ by Michael Calfan

For this week’s Musical Discovery, I discovered a song I think I’ve heard of before.

Towards the end of March, I went to see Madeon live in London (read the post here). Before he came on, his support act, One Bit, performed. If I’m not mistaken, this track, Treasured Soul by Michael Calfan, was on their set list. I was the reminded of it when I overheard it last week.

As the song begins, it’s clear that the track has a strong soul theme. With a light, mellow piano riff alongside an offbeat drum beat, the song starts with the typical 90s dance-soul.

Then, the fitting soul vocals add to this style, and it isn’t long before the track delves into it’s anthem-like chorus. Unlike the recent dance anthems of today, the track’s chorus incorporates the marimba style of African music. This new style creates an exciting new melody that means this song is contender for this year’s summer anthem.

What do you think of the song? Could it be this year’s summer anthem? Comment below!