‘Heathers: The Musical’ review – Carrie Hope Fletcher storms the stage in this wild play full of big fun

Wacky, edgy and off-the-scale, actress and YouTuber Carrie Hope Fletcher leads a stellar cast in a production bursting with energy and enthusiasm – ★★★★★

A zany tale about the adventures at Westerberg High has attracted a whole new cult following 30 years after the movie was first released. As costumed audience members shout and cheer across multiple musical numbers, Fletcher is right to say that the show feels more like a rock concert than a musical.

Carrie Hope Fletcher (pictured) is sensational in this wacky musical based on the popular 80s film. Photo: Pamela Raith.

With bold, vibrant fanfare, songs such as Beautiful and Dead Girl Walking radiate confidence and passion as Fletcher demonstrates her powerful vocal ability as lead girl, Veronica Sawyer.

Swap these for the emotional Seventeen and we not only see a seamless switch to the more poignant side to the musical, but also the musician’s natural chemistry with Jamie Muscato’s sharp and menacing JD.

Such a chemistry extends out to the wider cast as the Heathers (Jodie Steele, Sophie Isaacs and T’Shan Willimans as Chandler, McNamara and Duke respectively) bounce off each other for brilliant comedic effect. Double-act Chris Chung and Dominic Anderson deliver hilarious performances as troublemakers Kurt and Ram and Andy Fickman’s imaginative direction quite literally shines in the magical Shine A Light.

One other notable performance is that of Jenny O’Leary, who plays the charming and loveable Martha Dunnstock. Verbally abused and bullied for most of the story, Martha’s number Kindergarten Boyfriend is perfectly executed in a way which is equally moving and heart-wrenching in nature.

With outstanding deliveries from the whole cast, it’s a production which shows off the collective’s familial chemistry, whilst also allowing each actor’s individual talents to shine.

Heathers: The Musical is a musical thrill ride which packs a punch. So much so that when the curtain falls, you’ll want to do it all over again.

Heathers: The Musical is now playing at the Theatre Royal Haymarket until 24 November.


Musical Discovery: ‘Redemption Days’ by Josh Osho

In case you didn’t know, I’m the producer of a radio show! You can find out more about that here.

Of course, one of the main things about a radio show is that they play a lot of music. Whilst I was in the office I heard a track I particularly liked. This track – and today’s Musical Discovery – is Redemption Days by Josh Osho.

The track begins with euphoric violin melodies, which combine with Osho’s soulful vocals to create a vibrant song. As well as that, a driving drum beat with snare brushes also gives the track a unique and upbeat feel.

Just like the strings at the start of the song creates a slightly classical-pop style, the chorus also builds upon this. Backing vocals and a developed string melody add to the colourful feel of the track. Redemption Days is the perfect feel-good song for your Monday morning.

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Musical Discovery: Treading Water by Alex Clare

After seeing his set at V Festival this year, I was disappointed at myself that I hadn’t listened to another song by Alex Clare. Treading Water has Clare’s catchy, soulful vocals with the addition of a perfect drum-and-bass melody.

Fans of Alex Clare that may have been introduced to the musician through his massive single, Too Close, will definitely enjoy this song. It sees the vocals of Alex alongside the strong drums and other instruments that give his music a unique slant in the soul music genre.

In summary, In the Lateness of the Hour is definitely an album to explore, alongside his latest album, Three Hearts, which was released recently.


Musical Discovery: Two New Songs from Maroon 5!

I’ve always been a fan of Maroon 5, previous albums were often listened to in the past, and Maroon 5 had a unique pop style that I enjoyed. This is no different in two tracks that Maroon 5 have released from their latest album, V.


This track definitely has a mellow feel. It leans more to This Love than that of Payphpne. The guitar riff is relaxing and catchy which makes it fit perfectly with Adam Levine’s vocals. The chorus is a contrast to this, with a more soulful feel that makes the song unique.

Each verse has the same style, apart from the bridge before the final chorus. For me, this didn’t match the feel of the song. But nonetheless, it is a song that clearly tells fans that this is a new and unique album from the band.

The song will be released on iTunes at the end of August.

It Was Always You

Unlike Maps, this song is lead strongly by the bass guitar and electric guitar. This track adopts an electronic rock feel, that hints at a truly diverse album. Also, the track develops in volume, adding more soul as the song develops.

As for Levine’s vocals on this song, it clearly explores his vocal range, as the song is supportive towards the vocals. Whilst Maps proves to fans that this album is unique, It Was Always You shows just how diverse this album will be.

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Musical Discovery: ‘Run Boy Run’ by Woodkid

OK, so this discovery may be way overdue, but it was one of those songs for me that I just didn’t feel compelled to buy. However, after listening to it a few more times, I have bought the track, and it is amazing.

You can watch the music video for this track over on Vimeo. You can click here to watch it.

Before I comment on the track itself, I feel the need to mention how awesome and cinematic the music video is. The story told in almost a Lord of the Rings-like style matches the spirit of the song.

The track itself is lead by a fast-beat stick rhythm on the drums, which makes the song catchy and memorable. Aside from that, the song is strengthened with occasional bursts of cinematic orchestra, with violins appearing in the chorus, as well as bringing the song to an end.

A brilliantly cinematic song, which is testament to its appearance on a variety of TV and film, with one of the most recents being the movie adaptation of the book, Divergent.

What do you think of this song? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


Musical Discovery: ‘Right Here’ by Jess Glynne

After her successful collaborations on tracks such as Rather Be with Clean Bandit, and My Love with Route 94, Jess Glynne has now released her debut single.

Entitled Right Here, it sees Glynne showcase a variety of her vocal talents. For me, it took a second listen for me to get used to the song, but now I am finding it an interesting listen.

The funky bass and trumpet solos give it a light electronic feel similar to her previous collaborations, but the vocal melody allows her to make this song as unique as her other releases.

It has already proven successful in the charts, and it’s clear that Jess Glynne will make a brilliant debut when her debut album is released in the future.


Musical ReDiscovery: ‘Control’ by Matrix and Futurebound

This discovery came after browsing the charts. I remember this song late last year, but it was one of those songs I stupidly overlooked…

Some commenters on the track say how similar it is to Sub Focus’ Tidal Wave. Personally, I think it could be agreed that it is similar, but it explores a far different melody. The drum and bass chorus is completely different as well.

Also, Max Marshall’s vocals are brilliant in this song, and fit the theme perfectly, allowing for a perfect balance of different emotions and soul. Overall, this adds to the essence of a great drum and bass song.

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