A Fictional Reality: Thankful

Channel 4’s Humans left me with a sense of euphoria. Excitement combined with robotic thought processes forced me to sit down by my laptop and convert my opinions into computer code. Ideas were released without restraint and I ended up with three pages of commentary.

It was a chain reaction. A nuclear fission of engagement occurred on my computer screen. An idea on a blog was shared across social media. A thought-provoking programme led to new opinions on a blog post, and now these thoughts travelled all over the country into the minds of others. Then came a new wave of excitement in the form of success. People had enjoyed what I had written. My excitement and enthusiasm were contagious.

An opportunity presents itself. A chance for my work to be recognised at an awards ceremony and read by more people. I fill in the entry form, and click submit…


I shuffled uncomfortably at the back of an auditorium, a small programme resting on my lap but keen to fall to the floor at regular intervals. I am underdressed, sporting a smart-casual look when fellow students don suits and dresses. It’s clear that I’m not used to awards ceremonies just yet; it’s my first event in a while, and after browsing the other nominees, I was surprised to have even been on the shortlist.

Never compare yourself to others. It’s a mantra we hear all the time and are told to adopt, but it brewed and fizzled in my mind as I waited for the Blogger/Vlogger category to come next. My mind was an essay. One thousand words flooded the blog post on my website and filled my head as I waited, before it dwindled down to two.

Highly Commended.


Now, as the second series of Humans airs on Channel 4 tonight, I always look back on this post with fondness. I remember the Colin Morgan fan accounts who retweeted my post and left kind comments. I was fearful that the fact it spanned three pages and was around 1,000 pages in length had me worried that no one would read all of it. Yet, the post was Highly Commended at the Midlands Student Media Awards, it’s the tenth most popular post on my blog of all-time, and over 360 people have read some or all of the article.

It’s inspired me to not hold back on my enthusiasm and talking about big topics. I like to think it’s influenced my writing when it comes my Friday Articles too.

You can read the post in question here, and you can expect me to write a follow-up post or review once the series has finished.

I decided to try something different for this post and write a story from my life in a fictional narrative style. I’m not too sure if I’m a fan of this just yet, but if you liked it, let me know in the comments below.



Opening the windows of opportunity…

Sorry for the rather poetic and ambiguous title, but once again, this week was full of incredible opportunities which still excite me as I write about them now.

First of all, more and more events are popping up during the summer holidays, which is something I’m really looking forward to.

Next up, I said in a recent blog post that I had been nominated for an award as part of the Midlands Student Media Awards 2016. In particular, my review of Channel 4’s Humans made the list and I was invited to an awards ceremony in Birmingham on Friday.

At the end of the night, I found out I hadn’t won, but I had been highly commended. I was thrilled and shocked because I seriously didn’t think I would do well anyway. Let’s be honest, who’d be interested in a 1,000 word blog post about artificial intelligence? All entries in the category were amazing so congratulations to all the other finalists too.

Finally, I received a tweet from a friend on Wednesday with some exciting news. In particular, The Independent reported on the National Union of Students cracking down on anonymous social media apps like Yik Yak, and mentioned my article I wrote for the University of Lincoln’s student newspaper, The Linc. So, essentially, I am on The Independent’s website – how cool is that?!

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So that was my week – how was yours? What have you been up to in the last seven days? Comment below!