Musical Discovery: ‘Wearing Nothing’ by Dagny

Facebook adverts are just as interesting as they are concerning. Over time, the social networking platform has managed to nail my complex taste in music, offering a mix of musicians I had never come across before. Most recently, the mysterious algorithms were responsible for me finding the Norwegian singer, Dagny, and her track, Wearing Nothing.

A pop-heavy blend of Kylie Minogue and Charlie XCX, Dagny encapsulates the soft vocals of the former, and the screaming cheerleader sound of the latter. It’s a flashback to the older days of pop with the singer, whilst also hanging on to the genre’s current style through sophisticated instrumentals.

Stripped-back (pun not intended), the chorus offers a sluggish, bouncy rhythm. The bass drum keeps the song in time, before a plucky guitar riff adds in an off-beat groove on top. Rather than being an excitable, loud melody, the almost anticlimactic drop sets a smooth tone fitting of the track’s meaning.

Whilst the pop industry descends into this weird tropical, calypso mash-up (which is, quite frankly, getting a little bit tedious), it’s refreshing to hear a pop song that offers a more chilled tone for people to listen to – and all thanks go to Dagny for that.


Musical Discovery: ‘Cool’ by Alesso feat. Roy English

In the second Musical Discovery post of this week, I review Alesso’s new track with Roy English – Cool. I heard it first on the UK Top 40 TV show on Sunday, now I have the song in my music library.

Immediately, with an opening which samples Kylie Minogue’s Get Outta My Way, the song begins with a light-hearted and colourful piano riff. Whilst some listeners have argued that Alesso’s sampling of Kylie’s track is a blatant rip-off, I think the DJ makes the track his own.

Then Roy English’s vocals are introduced with lyrics and a rhythm that are interesting to listen to. In my opinion English adopts a vocal style similar to Sam Smith in the bridge (particularly with the line: But I can’t keep cool about it). This is a trend that is appearing a lot in the latest releases such as See You Again by Wiz Khalifa – where Charlie Puth’s vocals sound very similar to Sam Smith’s high-pitched vocal style. Whilst this section of the song may be a bit disappointing to some listeners on that ground, English’s vocals in the verses are relaxing and match the upbeat piano riffs running throughout the song.

Then comes Alesso’s involvement in the song, with driving drum and bass rhythms merging with a hazy synthesiser melody to create a catchy, feel-good summer anthem.