Musical Discovery: ‘You’ by BLOXX

There’s always something exciting about finding a new band at the start of their musical journey. With nearly 3K followers on Twitter and only two singles under their belt, BLOXX (a four piece indie band from Uxbridge, West London) are still very much in their early stages, but have jumped in to the indie genre with gusto. You only need to look as far as their first track (Your Boyfriend) and their latest release, You – which came out last Friday – for proof.

A guitar melody which, upon first listen, sounded reminiscent of the Friends theme tune sets the upbeat, rocky tone for this track. Contrast Mozwin’s pounding drums with Ophelia Booth’s soft, mumbling vocals and you have a gritty indie anthem perfect for both live gigs and bedroom listening.

For the most part, it’s the ‘all too familiar’ guitar riffs and bass drums which are the true driving force of the song, but credit must also be given to Booth’s sound in the chorus. Now adopting a louder voice, it adds to the emotion created by the backing instruments to form the usual indie track we know and love.

As You builds on the success of Your Boyfriend, it looks as though we can expect to hear more of Bloxx on the radio in the future (the band have already had some coverage from the BBC), as well as some new material to boost the summer mood.

Musical Discovery: ‘It Gets Cold’ by Eliza and the Bear

It was a while back that I first heard this song on the radio. If I remember rightly, it was on my journey up to Lincolnshire for the next semester of university. I had previously heard Friends by Eliza and the Bear when I noticed it on a recent Bulmers advert. But now, It Gets Cold is this week’s Musical Discovery.

Despite the song’s title, It Gets Cold begins with an upbeat guitar melody which belongs more on a summery, The 1975-style track. Although, that certainly isn’t a bad thing and – combined with lead singer James Kellegher’s chanting vocals – it makes the perfect feel-good song. Similarly, and very much like Friends, the drum beat is strong in It Gets Cold, only adding to the sense that this song is a brilliant, euphoric anthem. Then, finally, towards the end of the song, there’s a massive rock instrumental break, before ending on a chant-like verse. On the whole, Eliza and the Bear really do have a way of creating atmospheric and emotional songs.

What do you think of It Gets Cold? Comment below!


Musical Discovery: ‘Talk to Me’ by Kopecky

Last weekend, I had a list of songs that I was going to listen to in detail in the hope of finding this week’s Musical Discovery. I had a shortlist, but none of them were good enough for review. As I listened to the final track, I noticed whilst it wasn’t my cup of tea, another song which happened to have the same. Talk to Me by Kopecky grew on me and is this week’s Musical Discovery.

Admittedly, the song does have a mellow start, with smooth bass and electric guitar riffs. However, this develops throughout the track, with the drum beat becoming more upbeat drum beat and the vocals changing from a soft, relaxed tone to a soulful and vibrant feel. This then paves the way to a equally colourful chorus.

One of the main things which grabs a listener’s attention in the chorus is the experimental drum beat, with the drummer creating driving tom fills. Alongside this, the sharp, pronounced guitar melody emphasises the emotive and catchy vocals in the chorus. It definitely creates a euphoric and feel-good tone for the listener.

After an interesting, quiet verse, the song makes an abrupt but satisfying ending, leaving the listener on a high.

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