#NewMusicFriday: ‘23’ by Chlöe Howl

If Taylor Swift has the jubilant party hit for 22-year-olds, then Chlöe Howl has the confident, reflective follow-up with 23.

Maidenhead singer-songwriter Howl has never shied away from being honest. Now, in her usual candid and soulful style, the artist explores adulthood and the realisations that come with growing up.

Opening with the fuzzy piano chords seen on previous singles Do It Alone and Magnetic, it’s easy to assume that 23 might be the delicate, personal track on the upcoming EP, Work. Yet with a steady beat, the release is in fact a chilled song perfect for slow dancing at parties.

Though the tempo is standard, there’s still a strong pace to the track as Howl’s words float and experiment with the rhythm of the track. Refusing to descend into the structural and lyrical clichés that come with nostalgic looks back at years gone by, 23 is both a confident and delicate story of young adult life.

23 by Chlöe Howl is available to buy and stream now.


Musical Discovery: ‘Bad Dream’ by Chlöe Howl

Critics’ Choice Award nominee Chlöe Howl has released numerous singles since her 2014 nomination. From deep bass tracks such as Paper Heart and No Strings to upbeat, rhythmic pop in tracks such as Rumour and Disappointed. Now, the soulful singer is back with her new track from her debut album, Bad Dream.

Like Howl’s previous singles, the track begins with a driving drum beat and underlying guitar riff. Then Chlöe’s vocals are introduced with the typical soul and a slight vocal distortion. 

As for the chorus, it feels more laid-back than previous ballads. However, that is not to say that the chorus is not good. It features commendable high notes, as well as a catchy melody and rhythm.

With the singer releasing occasional singles throughout, fans like myself are eager to hear news of a debut album.

What do you think of the song? Comment below!


Musical Discovery: 3 Musicians for 2014

This post is going to be a special Musical Discovery edition. Rather than review one track or artist, I thought I would provide you with 3 artists I look forward to hearing more of in 2014!

1. Capital Cities

I’ve loved this band when it came to their single Safe and Sound last year. However, when listening to the song on Bandcamp, I got a preview of some of their other songs. Since then, I’ve been more explorative of bands. But now, I have downloaded 4 more songs from the electronic duo. Their debut album is brilliant, and look forward to them creating some great new music next year!

2. Chlöe Howl

Chlöe Howl became popular when she was nominated for The Critics’ Choice Award for 2014’s BRITs. Interested with what each of the nominees had to offer, I gave her a listen. Immediately, her soulful vocals mixed with electronic funk fitted perfectly with my particular music taste. Sadly, the winner of The Critics’ Choice Award has since been announced as being that of La La La singer Sam Smith. But despite her not winning the award, I am sure that Chlöe will have be even more successful this year.

3. Clean Bandit

I do occasionally glimpse at the charts occasionally, and a while back I did see Clean Bandit’s track Mozart’s House appear in the chart. However, I didn’t really give it much of a listen. This time, with their 2014 track, Rather Be (featuring Jess Glynne) I managed to hear about it before its release. This track was great, and I personally think that their combination of electronic dance and orchestral violin solos will give them a bit of originality and success in 2014!

Are there any musicans/bands that you’re loving at the moment? Perhaps you think that there’s an artist/band that might debut this year! Comment below with your predictions!


The Critics’ Choice Award: My Prediction

With The Brit Awards 2014 taking place in February next year, preparations are in place for the night of musical performances and accreditation. One of the pre-revealed nominations of the award ceremony is that of The Critics’ Choice Award, of which the nominations were revealed earlier today.

The three nominated artists include La La La singer Sam Smith, who also collaborated with debut electronic duo Disclosure on their track Latch. So, with two prestigious collaborations underneath his belt, could 2014 see the launch of Sam Smith’s solo career? Personally, I consider him to be a strong contender in this battle for the prestigious award.

But this could be championed by the second nominee of the three. Singer Chlöe Howl has since released many singles and supported debut artist John Newman on his recent tour, and despite her name being unknown to most people, after listening to her songs on YouTube, it is fair to say that she is in with a chance, with her musical flair having a strong sense of originality in her singles, but at the same time it works perfectly with other successful singers in her genres. Personally, her tracks No Strings and Paper Heart are huge tunes, and are likely to storm into the chart should she be announced as the winner on the 12th December.

Lastly, the most-known efforts of the final nominee is through that of her collaboration with much-loved debut drum-and-bass band, Rudimental. With the success of Waiting All Night as a hugely liked track by Ella Eyre and the band, it could be said that she could make it to become this year’s choice. But with no solo successes, it may be harder for her to launch into a debut music career.

So with the winner being announced in a week’s time, I anticipate the news. With last year’s winner Tom Odell having a largely successful debut album, it is likely that the winner will reach similar, if not greater success.

But overall, I’m hoping that Chlöe Howl wins the award, and I wish her all the best.