#NewMusicFriday: ‘I See Love’ by Jonas Blue feat. Joe Jonas

It’s Jonas-meet-Jonas as DNCE frontman Joe Jonas joins forces with tropical house hitmaker Jonas Blue on I See Love, taken from the Hotel Transylvania 3 soundtrack.

With the animated sequel being called Summer Vacation, it’s fitting that the team at Sony called on Blue to produce a summer single to accompany the movie. Mix this in with the funk typical of Joe Jonas and you move into your usual, commercial pop track. However, that is not to say that this latest collaboration isn’t at all enjoyable.

While previous singles such as Alien and Rise have seen the Essex DJ and producer flex his tropical house music muscles, I See Love sees him explore a new genre entirely. If you’re a Joe Jonas fan, then you’ll definitely enjoy this song, as it sounds more like a DNCE single than a Jonas Blue one. It’s alright for those like myself who will happily settle for typical funk pop, but for those who expected another single with tropical house at the forefront, then they may be disappointed.

In terms of the main hook, it’s the mixture of Joe’s chanting vocals and the underlying, refined bass notes which give the song its catchiness. Outside the realms of the chorus, the rhythm of the lyrics in verses follows the same off-beat pace throughout. Although this is both ideal and typical of this genre of music, if there’s the opportunity for experimentation with the speed of the vocals, then it feels somewhat lazy to have the same sound running all the way through. Sure, it may help with the song’s memorability, but it’s not the most creative.

Despite the criticisms, I See Love sits comfortably within this week’s new music playlists, but as your traditional pop track. If you’re looking for a casual, commercial sound and an easy dance track, then this is it.


Musical Discovery: ‘Body Moves’ by DNCE

I am in a weird position when it comes to DNCE. Their upbeat, vibrant funk style is refreshing and something the music industry really needed. Yet, whilst Cake by the Ocean was a great summer anthem and defined the band’s tone, every release since then has felt rather ‘samey’. Each track is wonderfully catchy, yet I’m also becoming bored with the similarities. So, when Joe Jonas and the rest of DNCE released Body Moves, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.

For example, Toothbrush and Body Moves both feature a plucky, underlying bass rhythm, as well as a bouncy drum beat. It’s also unsurprising that Joe Jonas’ falsetto vocals make an appearance in the chorus. If anything, the only slight difference across the three singles DNCE have released so far is the tone of the songs. Cake by the Ocean is the summer anthem, Toothbrush is a more mellow funk track and now, Body Moves is a weird mix between the two.

DNCE have done a great job of establishing their style across these three singles – Body Moves is a great song on the whole – but it’s time for them to change things up a bit. We know what a DNCE song sounds like now, so Joe Jonas and the rest of his team should have the confidence to push the boundaries just a little bit further.

What do you think of Body Moves? Do you agree with me when I say that DNCE’s releases are starting to sound a little similar? Are you looking forward to their upcoming debut album? Comment below!


Musical Discovery: ‘Toothbrush’ by DNCE

There’s something impressive about DNCE being able to create successful hits with unusual titles. First it was Cake by the Ocean, now Joe Jonas and co. are talking about toothbrushes in another catchy, funky track from their SWAAY EP.

Once again, Joe Jonas’ traditional high-pitched vocals make an appearance, with a falsetto chorus similar to Cake by the Ocean. However, the real difference comes with the verses, where we hear a more sassy, groaning vocal style from Joe similar to that of Flo Rida in I Don’t Like It, I Love It, and a plucky bass groove.

Whilst Cake by the Ocean is loud and vibrant, Toothbrush adopts a more chilled, smooth tone for their follow-up. It’s a move which will please fans of the band’s debut single, whilst offering something slightly different.

What do you think of Toothbrush? Is it better than Cake by the Ocean? Comment below!