The Friday Article: Liam Witnesses the Solar Eclipse

Lifestyle blogger Liam O’Dell was, amongst many others, able to witness the partial solar eclipse.

Earlier this morning, Liam noticed the start of the solar eclipse, as the moon started to cover the Sun. The blogger was able to safely take photos of the eclipse throughout the process.

After speaking to the aspiring journalist, he admits that astronomy has always been a fascinating to him.

“I was never really good at biology or chemistry.” said Liam. “But astronomy has always fascinated me because it’s something to be marvelled. It can be so complex.”

After the eclipse, Liam was glad to be able to witness such an extraordinary astrological event.



Gazing up at the Stars

For regular followers of my blog, you will know that I hated science when studying it for GCSE…

I always found the complex theories and explanations confusing and hard to understand. But there is one area of science that I have absolutely loved for a while now, that being astronomy – however difficult it can be.

I think the reason why I have understood and liked astronomy for a while is because of the lack of loneliness it gives us. We can realise that we are part of a much bigger Solar System, that is part of a galaxy – The Milky Way, that is part of a possibly infinite universe. Then, along the way, we find out more about space. All of it is just fascinating…Well, to me at least…

Then comes the fact that the discoveries lead to discoveries about our own world, and if not that, it can even involve magnificent stellar displays. The Northern Lights, “shooting stars”, comets and solar flares all being examples of this.

So in conclusion, look up at the stars more – go stargazing. It’s amazing!

This blog post comes after watching BBC Two’s Stargazing Live yesterday, and finding out that The Northern Lights could be viewed from areas of the UK yesterday evening.

Isn’t it all amazing?!