#NewMusicFriday: ‘Access’ by Martin Garrix

It’s Avicii’s X You meets Lucas and Steve’s Anywhere on Martin Garrix’s latest release Access – taken from his new EP, BYLAW.

Chinatown sounds a lot different now than it did back in 2017. Since premiering at Ultra Miami last year, Garrix’s instrumental hit has undergone a bit of a harsher makeover. Where the main synth melody initially felt soft and light, the Dutch producer has added a heavy edge. The bass feels grittier and hard-hitting, and the drums feel a lot more pronounced. What was initially a comfortable EDM track is now a bold electronic dance hit.

Multi-layered with synth, bass and snares, Access is true creative and nostalgic electronica. It’s certainly familiar (both for it being a new version of an old track and for it having similar technicalities as other EDM hits), but Martin’s gift for a catchy melody shines through here. In turn, it delivers an imaginative, uplifting and standout track from his BYLAW EP, and returns us to the dance styles we don’t hear enough of in this genre.

Access is taken from Martin Garrix’s latest EP, BYLAW, which is available now.


Musical Discovery: ‘Animals’ by KYKO

I had heard the name Kyko before, but only listened to Animals recently. I was intrigued by the track and for that reason, Animals by Kyko is this week’s Musical Discovery.

An upbeat, summery guitar riff introduced the track, before the vocal style of Kyko – which is similar to that of Bastille’s Dan Smith – follow suit.

After this, the song has a somewhat euphoric feel to it, with light piano chords adding emotion to the track and changing the style of Animals once more.

As the song continues, the style of the track changes once again. As well as Kyko’s vocals being similar to that of Dan Smith’s, the song’s powerful chorus – which sees soulful vocals fused with a driving drum beat – also seem to mimic Bastille tracks such as Pompeii, Laura Palmer and Things We Lost in the Fire.

As the track reaches a close, we hear a mellow guitar solo before the chorus plays for one last time.

With Animals combining upbeat summer verses with a driving and soulful chorus, Kyko’s track is an interesting and catchy song to listen to.

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Musical Discovery: ‘Don’t Look Down’ by Martin Garrix feat. Usher

Martin Garrix’s style of electronic music has always been hard for me to like. With tracks such as Wizard and Animals, the main melody is catchy, but the actual chorus is underwhelming and a tad disappointing. However, with Garrix’s latest single involving a collaboration with Usher, the addition of vocals in Don’t Look Back makes this song my favourite track from Garrix so far. 

The track begins with a powerful guitar introduction that is typical of vibrant and euphoric electronic tracks like this. After this, Usher’s vocals are quickly brought in. With Usher lending his vocals to previous dance hits such as Without You (a collaboration with David Guetta) and DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (a collaboration with Pitball), it’s clear that his singing talents are fitting to this track.

Then comes the bridge, with a powerful drum beat and catchy bass riff leading into a chorus which demonstrates Garrix’s unique style of electronica. Reminiscent of retro video game soundtracks, the ‘exotic’, vibrant and ‘poppy’ synth melodies are similar to that of Animals.

Lastly, with most of the song being colourful and euphoric, there is one section where I feel the transition between verses and choruses don’t quite work. In the verse: Are your hands shaking begins with Usher’s vocals, where some of Garrix’s backing music should be present.

Nevertheless, Don’t Look Back is a euphoric and colourful summer track which, although released in March, will definitely be played over the next few months.

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Musical Discovery: Wizard by Martin Garrix and Jay Hardway

After the massive number 1 single, Animals, DJ Martin Garrix is back with his follow-up single, Wizard.

The track itself sees Garrix collaborate with Jay Hardway, with a track that has a catchy main melody that is repeated throughout the song.

In fact, the song itself was released on YouTube months ahead of its recent release date, and now it is storming up the charts. However, I have to say that the track is half disappointing…

Like Animals, Garrix builds up the tension with a repetitive and unique melody. However, when the best drops itself, it doesn’t follow the pattern of the previous melody. Also, the “drop” itself lacks drum and bass – which is what all top dance tunes need!

For me, Wizard provides a great melody throughout, but the beat drop is disappointing, and by it following the same “ping-pong ball” effect of Animals, it is understandable when people say that the two songs are similar…

Overall, a decent track from the DJ, but a song with great drum and bass will be likely to go down well in the charts.