Musical Discovery: ‘Little Secrets’ by Passion Pit

Passion Pit is a band who always seems to find their way into my life at those euphoric moments. Their collaboration with my favourite DJ Madeon on the track Pay No Mind welcomed me into adulthood, and now Little Secrets was part of my Summer in the City 2017 soundtrack – a weekend which was absolutely incredible.

With kazoo-like electronica that sounds reminiscent of an old Nintendo game mixed with summery French music, there’s a sense of blissful nostalgia which distracts oneself from Michael Angelakos’ slightly irritating falsetto. It’s how the lyrics and vocals intertwine with fluttering synth and bouncy drums which makes Angelakos just about bearable on this track. Whilst there’s no denying that his high-pitched singing is impressive, using this as in an attempt to heighten the emotions isn’t entirely successful.

Instead, you have a track which is worth listening to because of the instrumentals. It defeats the purpose of the track somewhat, but the feel good vibes are nonetheless apparent – despite the song supposedly having a much darker meaning.


3 thoughts on “Musical Discovery: ‘Little Secrets’ by Passion Pit

    • It’s quite an old track from him, but I came across it one day and fell in love with the synth melody.

      Thank you! I’m glad you like it. If you’re looking for more Passion Pit to listen to, then I’d thoroughly recommend ‘Pay No Mind’.

      Thanks for commenting!


    • And also check out .. Take a Walk, Lifted Up(1985) .. and Sleepy Head !! .. and if you feel like the Kazoo-like electronica is the one that’s drawing you .. you should check out Kids, Time to Pretend and Electric Feel by MGMT.

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