Musical Discovery: ‘Would You Ever’ by Skrillex feat. Poo Bear

It’s been a while since teenagers raved in nightclubs and bedrooms to Bangarang and Breakn’ a Sweat, and for those who haven’t kept up with Skrillex’s releases since then, the producer’s new track with Poo Bear, Would You Ever, can come as a surprise.

If you excuse the artist’s detour with Diplo (called Jack Ü), when the duo released the club hit Where Are Ü Now, Skrillex has always lingered in the harsher side of the party subgenre – trap, dubstep and so forth. Now, with soft synths and vocal distortions, Would You Ever sounds like the 29-year-old’s most mainstream track to date.

After all, it contains all the necessary ingredients: catchy, high-pitched vocals (supplied by Poo Bear), and a mix between mellow verses and a fast-paced chorus. We’ve seen male falsetto from other, recent releases such as Marshmello’s Ritual and Vice and Jon Bellion’s Obsession. There’s certainly a few boxes ticked with this latest collaboration.

Speaking of Poo Bear, it’s his vocals – as opposed to Skrillex’s contribution – which really takes centre stage in this single. Aside from the aforementioned high notes, the singer (real name Jason Boyd) sets a smooth tone in the verses as well as the musician asks adventurous, rhetorical questions – paving the way for Skrillex to make things all nostalgic in the chorus.

And if that wasn’t enough, then a professional longboarder dances down a US high street in the official music video. Whilst it’s not an unusual sight in today’s videos, the visual cliché keeps the good vibes flowing.

If it wasn’t for Poo Bear’s stand out vocals, one wonders just how popular this track would be. Nevertheless, Skrillex’s exploration of a mainstream sound has paid off, and could well win him a couple of new listeners – for now.


2 thoughts on “Musical Discovery: ‘Would You Ever’ by Skrillex feat. Poo Bear

  1. I miss the old Skrillex .. the original Skrillex! I wish he did tracks like .. Bangarang… First of the Year .. Scary Monster and Nice Sprites! I loved Recess and Ragga Bomb too. Unfortunately, he has veered off way too much now 😦 .. and all of his new work is soooo unrelatable .. Skrillex used to be my absolute fav at one point in time .. I saw him at the Warfield in SF twice in the same week in 2014 . And again in Vegas when he performed with Diplo. There is nothing specific to Skrillex that stands out in this track either 😦 it would be pretty bad if he just withers away like this.


    • Personally, I quite like the track. It is a bit mainstream from Skrillex, but as someone who’s always liked mainstream music, I’m not complaining.

      I can imagine it’s quite irritating for those like yourself who miss Skrillex’s previous style, though…

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