A Thousand Words: Hometown

As promised a few weeks ago, here is the first post in a new series which I am trying out on this blog, called ‘A Thousand Words’. Every week, I’ll share a photo from that week and talk more about it, in the hope it’ll encourage me to take more photos and talk more about lifestyle here on The Life of a Thinker.

A local concert I went to earlier this week, which got me thinking about getting to learn more about my home town.

You’d have thought after the craziness that is Glastonbury Festival, that I would have given concerts and gigs a break for a while, right?

Well, when the annual concert takes place in my home town (with two famous bands on the line-up), of course I had to check it out.

However, with this being my first big social outing at home since I’ve returned from university, this usually becomes an opportunity to see some familiar faces in amongst the crowds. I see old acquaintances from school, as well as those I didn’t really get on with. Yet, beyond these pros and cons, I came to realise a sense of distance from home.

In Lincoln, I’ve come to understand some of the inner workings of the city’s community (as required, of course, as a local journalist), but my focus must now shift back to the place I’ve lived at the longest. It’s time to spend some more time at home and find out what’s been going on whilst I’ve been away.

I’ve already had a glimpse into this thanks to the General Election coverage I took part in, but I have another idea as to how I can do this over the next few months. I’ll be sending some emails tomorrow.

Fingers crossed…



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