Future Thoughts

A birthday always allows for retrospect and a consideration of the future. On Friday, I became a year older and left the teenage years behind me. Now, adulthood awaits.

I’ve always been a structured person, and all the way up to 18, there’s been a path for me to follow in terms of education. Granted, I now have university to keep me busy for another year or so, but as I now take a three-week break after another semester has finished, I don’t have much time left in Lincoln before the next adventure.

I should also digress for a moment to explain why there have been no posts up this week. As mentioned above, the last week of this semester was this week, and so I was rather busy with the final assignments and work experience with the local newspaper – The Lincolnshire Echo. You can even read an article I worked on during the week here.

However, the great thing about this short break is that it gives me time. I can now work through my backlog without any new tasks being added to the to-do list.

Unfortunately, a quiet few weeks for my blog have not helped with statistics at all. My views for the year currently stand at 3,666. In 2016, I reached 16K views which was over 1,000 views a month. Sadly, I don’t think I’ve averaged enough readers per month to achieve my 20K goal, but I’m hoping a normal schedule can resume shortly.

Much like last year, when the lengthy summer holidays are just around the corner, I have a lot to look forward to. There’s work experience opportunities, concerts, festivals and much more to come. What’s even more exciting is something which is happening tomorrow – a post-birthday treat to myself which I hope will improve my Friday Articles in the future.

I’m sure I shall reveal all in due course.

2 thoughts on “Future Thoughts

  1. Happy birthday, Liam! Here’s a view for you. I’m not sure how you track views on WordPress. I’m on Blogger, which supplies you with that information on your stats page. I have “followers” on the blog itself and more who follow by email, don’t know how many that is, or who they are until they post a comment. You’ve done the right thing by inviting people to follow you on various social media platforms. I get more hits by tweeting each post.

    I know it can be frustrating, writing your heart out and only a few people have read it. Be patient. One of these days you will be writing for a newspaper or several and thousands will read your work.

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    • Thank you, Sue, and thanks for the words of encouragement. Personally, I’ve become quite detached from my blog stats save for the odd milestone, but what’s more important to me at the moment is keeping a schedule going, which I think I’m getting better at doing.


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