A Day to Discover Lincolnshire

There’s a weird sense of belonging that comes with living as a university student in another county. I don’t brandish myself as ‘one of the locals’, yet there’s an understanding of the local community (especially as a journalism undergraduate, where I have to speak to people in the area for stories pretty much every day) which places me above being a ‘tourist’. That being said, today I was happy to explore as I took part in a variety of activities for Discover Lincolnshire Weekend.

Photo: © Liam O’Dell

I went with my good friend, Lauren, and the day started with a free guided tour of Lincoln Castle – an attraction in Lincoln which I have always wanted to explore in further detail after walking around it during last year’s Christmas Market. Our tour guide was a lovely lady named Dawn who gave us a lot of interesting information about the castle. I’m not a history buff at all, but it was still fascinating nonetheless.

The one thing myself and Lauren really wanted to do was the wall walk – which offered beautiful views of the city of Lincoln. Whenever I do anything remotely ‘tourist-like’ in nature, what always amazes me the most is the landmarks and views, as opposed to the trivia and historical aspects. It starts with some stunning views of Lincoln Cathedral (which create that optical illusion that the building is closer than it actually is) before offering a look back over the city as far as the eye can see. It certainly was a perspective different to that of the one from my university accommodation.

The view from the observatory tower. Photo: © Liam O’Dell.

The final stop on the wall walk was the observatory tower, which definitely made my legs turn to jelly somewhat in terms of the height and the strong winds which made me fear dropping my iPhone. Nonetheless, the ability to look out and see the city from an entirely different angle was marvellous.

The day ended with a bus tour, which saw us drive past places we already knew too well. However, I think the main point of this post is this: no matter how long you’ve lived in a place, there’s always some new beauty to find, and there’s always the opportunity to feel like a newcomer once again.

4 thoughts on “A Day to Discover Lincolnshire

  1. I think going on these tourist activities are often a great idea as you find new areas or new facts you didn’t know about even though you may have lived there for years!

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