The Urge to Write

I always remember being given advice by authors about how much the urge to write should consume you. There should be a strong desire to continue writing every day. For me, I’ve always had that passion from a very young age, but now I fear that it’s a whole new type of determination.

As the university work builds up, I haven’t had time to return to reading and writing fiction. I still have the perfect book idea gathering dust in the back of my mind, but the strong thoughts such said that I needed to finish this book have faded. It’s gone from ‘you must write this book’ to ‘you should write this book when you have time’.

What concerns me is that the sense of contentment that comes with writing now only emerges when I’m creating blog posts or journalistic articles. I haven’t written a chapter in ages, and I worry that the whole process will feel alien or confusing to me.

I hope to use the long summer break from university to start work on a book, but whether I’ll have the motivation and passion to return to a type of writing I haven’t done in ages is a different story. We shall see.


2 thoughts on “The Urge to Write

  1. As someone who’s still in uni, I know this feeling. When I was juggling assignments and deadlines, writing became an afterthought, and like you said, something that I should do when I have time. And you’re still writing! Just something a bit different. Writing a chapter will come back to you, so you really don’t need to worry. Good luck! And hopefully the long summer break will do you good.

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