The Return of Commitments and Opportunities

After a break away from my journalism degree, I always look forward to going back to university. Aside from seeing friends again and being back in Lincoln (my ‘second home’), I love the fact that it means I’ll have new commitments and opportunities coming my way. In 2016, the Christmas and New Year holidays gave me the time to finish any outstanding tasks from the past semester and indeed from the past 12 months. Some of these commitments have rolled over into 2017, but most of the new opportunities came from me starting university again two weeks ago.

It seems as though January is the month for competitions, as the past fortnight has seen me work through the many entries I needed to submit. After the fun of the Midlands Student Media Awards last year, I’d love to return to the exciting atmosphere of an awards ceremony.

As well as this, last Saturday saw me return to Siren FM to continue presenting my Brunchtime show. After hosting the programme for around a year now, only recently have I started to notice how much I’ve developed as a radio presenter. My energetic nature on air, for a while, went uncontrolled, leading to me stumbling over my words and poorly constructed cues. Now, I’ve slowed my speech down and well, everything just flows.

2017 has already rewarded me with some exciting opportunities for my blog, too. When I first started blogging, I became obsessed with the numbers and stats. Four years later, they have a different meaning to me. The fact I have over 1,020 followers on WordPress alone is something which has only hit me recently, after I started to become detached from the numbers. Of course, this does not mean that I don’t appreciate everyone who reads and follows this blog, more that I’ve become less obsessive over the numbers – it’s the people not the numbers which really amazes me. Thank you.

After all, I’ve had an increase in PR emails recently and for me, that’s what I’ve wanted this blog to become. For a long time, I was a blogger who didn’t dabble in publicity for musicians or authors, but ever since I’ve decided to review new music and read ARCs of books, I’ve loved it.

It’s now February and now that the November/December/January exams period is out of the way, I should start to make a return to my normal schedule. This includes more Friday Articles, which I know I haven’t done lately. Those will return soon, I promise.

Thanks as always for reading,



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