Bristol: A city of construction and creativity

For the past two weeks, I’ve been in Bristol and on one Saturday, I had the chance to look around and explore a new city I’ve never been to before. I was determined to track down some Banksy artwork, visit the Clifton Suspension Bridge and have a good look round. As part of my commitment to capturing more ‘moments’ in my life, I tried to take as many pictures as possible. Here’s a slideshow of some of my favourites:

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Looking back at the above photos I took, the construction of the city’s culture is an interesting thing. Bristol is a place with creativity and construction in its core. It’s amazing what art can do and the many forms it can take. Whether it be graffiti on a wall by one of the most famous anonymous artists, or a bridge with a historic value assigned to it, they’re both a part of Bristol’s life. In a sense, Banksy is the modern contributor to the city’s identity, whilst Isambard Kingdom Brunel is one from the past. It’s a city which constructs and creates its culture constructing and creating, and that is a beautiful thing.


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