Musical Discovery: ‘Closer’ by Lemaitre feat. Jennie A.

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard triumphant trumpet solos in the electronic music world. The last, most distinctive track to do so would be Capital Cities’ Safe and Sound, but that was a song which was more bubbly nature. Combined with hard-hitting, hazy synths, Closer twists the emotive feel of the instrument into a more gritty-sounding anthem.

Contrast this euphoric chorus with the soft, delicate vocals of Jennie A. and a simplistic piano melody in the verses, then you have a balance between calm and chaotic which is where the track really flourishes. It’s also no surprise that the UK music video also picks up on this mix, with a story about a young boy who is calm and peaceful until some misfortune happens. Then, he turns into a raging adult, causing havoc all around him.

Now, as Google jump onto the smartphone scene with their new Pixel phone, of course they needed a track full of energy to accompany the commercial – and they needed to look no further than Closer by Lemaitre to find the right track.

8 thoughts on “Musical Discovery: ‘Closer’ by Lemaitre feat. Jennie A.

  1. I just recently discovered this track because it was used in one of the episodes of the show Cable girls … and my favorite part of the track is also the trumphet solo. If you are looking for tracks that have an impressive triumphet solo .. check out Thief by Ookay , but the triumphant is more blues-y and smooth in that track. LMK what you think.

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  2. BTW – you should also check out the entire album this track is from . its called “Chapter One” and the rest of the album is also pretty impressive . but the other tracks are far more indie-electro compared to this.

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