A Fictional Reality: A Sense of Community

It happened whilst I was eating chicken chow mein. A buzz flowed through my body, caused by a mixture of excitement and the spice of the Chinese. I was waiting. My phone was charging in the corner – three years of continuous use had killed the battery to the extent that it needed to be charged every few hours. But, once the video went live, I knew it would spring back to life. In the corner of my eye, could see the faint glow of my iPhone’s screen, I walked over.

Retweets, mentions, follows and messages all fell down from the top of the screen. I watched the video, and comments flooded in. Positive feedback came in the form of people saying they took inspiration from the video, found it interesting and funny. My dinner was getting cold, but I didn’t want to leave the welcoming community that had formed around myself and Pete’s video. Nevertheless, I returned to my dinner, my mind eager to return to the euphoria that came with responding to so many lovely comments.

After that, time didn’t matter. It was one o’clock in the morning and the feeling of tiredness had been blocked by this amazing feeling of happiness. People were subscribing to my channel. A sense of community that I always wanted to have on my YouTube channel was starting to build itself.

With thoughts rushing through my head, I had to make a video. I turned on the camera.

“Hey everyone…”


This week, I filmed a video with PetesJams where I taught him some British Sign Language (BSL) and the response has been absolutely incredible. Thank you so much to anyone who left a comment on the video, and to those who decided to check out my YouTube channel – liking, commenting, sharing and subscribing – as a result. It really means the world to me.



2 thoughts on “A Fictional Reality: A Sense of Community

  1. Interesting and punchy, very topical in today’s society, it was not like that 10 years ago, nor maybe 10 years on. So the article can be fixed into a particular decade. How can we escape the detached reality that is the internet? Granted that it is a useful tool, but in some cases, like you pointed out, it can be taken to extremes, affecting a person capacity to be able to do other things.


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