Review | Shelter: The Animation

Music videos have changed. They’ve somewhat moved away from the typical ‘singing artist’ video and now focus on unique storytelling. Granted, some still offer a different take on the typical love story, but the real beauty lies in animated music videos like Shelter – a real rarity within YouTube’s catalogue of music videos.

Shelter is the result of an eagerly anticipated collaboration between DJs Porter Robinson and Madeon. Whilst Porter is responsible for the animation, there are some creative moments which nod to Madeon’s futuristic style of storytelling (in particular, his Adventure trilogy). With regards to this, the technology and 3D elements of the video are particularly interesting.

Asides from the unconventional three-dimensional shots, the rest of Shelter: The Animation is told through 2D anime – a style which Robinson has completely fallen in love with and makes a regular appearance in his previous work.

On Twitter, Porter gives a brief description of the story behind the video:

“‘shelter the animation’ tells the story of a girl living alone in a simulation built by her father to save her from the end of the world.”

As someone who has never really watched any anime before, electronic music is a genre which I didn’t think would fit well with the delicate style of Japanese animation. However, I was proved wrong when the lyrics of Shelter took on a completely different meaning – ‘shelter’ being the simulation the young girl finds herself in.

The magic of this music video is that in such a short space of time – six minutes and six seconds, to be exact – Porter conjures up a new world for us to explore. This is the future of music videos and storytelling.

It’s the fact that the animation and music fit so well together which really makes the video an emotional watch. The soft piano melody towards the end strongly emphasises the emotions we feel whilst watching and listening to create something beautiful which leaves you with a lump in your throat.



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