Goodbye to Sundays

It’s a problem I’ve been trying to sort out for a while: posts on Sundays. When The Life of a Thinker was in its infancy, I’d upload my Weekly Updates, but it wasn’t long before I had weeks where I didn’t get up to much, or couldn’t think of a catchy title for the post. In the end, I said goodbye to Weekly Updates.

In its place came a style of post which doesn’t fit on my blog that well. Over the past few months, Sunday posts have become more personal – they’re articles about the blog and how it’s changing, and that gets repetitive after a while.

For example, I continue to talk about how my blog will become more professional and journalistic in tone and how I want to change my schedule, but that’s not actually happened yet.

I want to get rid of Sunday posts completely, yet at the same time, weekends are the best time to post something.

I’ve also talked about how, with music coming out on Fridays, that moving my Musical Discovery posts to that day of the week would be more appropriate. But then The Friday Article would have to move (thus making its name redundant), so I’m really not sure.

To stop me from repeating myself further, I’ll say this: I’ve decided that soon – in the future – I’ll do a ‘trial week’ where things are moved around a bit. It may stay that way, or the schedule may revert to how it was originally. It’s down to how I feel at the end of the week, and what happens to the stats.

But that doesn’t address what will happen to these Sunday posts. With music reviews, book reviews and political opinion pieces all taking place on my blog, I’m looking for a new writing form to use for another hobby.

As I write this, I already have one idea, but I shall keep you posted.



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