Musical Discovery: ‘Love on Me’ by Galantis feat. Hook N Sling

After the vibrant summer anthem that is No Money, Galantis return with another single which expands their musical range. Today I review Love on Me.

It’s the latest single from Galantis which sees them adopt a tropical house style. In Love On Me, we hear a few exotic synth melodies and although the change in dance genre works out well for Galantis this time, their true talents lie with the more hazy, louder tracks.

That being said, there are some elements of Love on Me which are part of Galantis’ traditional style. We see the return of lyrics-based choruses, soulful vocalists and simplistic verses.

It’s a risky for Galantis to try and move into what is a heavily populated tropical house scene. However, their anthem approach to music means that Love On Me was a risk worth taking.

What do you think of Love on Me? How does it compare to their previous releases? Do you like their new tropical house style? Comment below!


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