Musical Discovery: ‘Toothbrush’ by DNCE

There’s something impressive about DNCE being able to create successful hits with unusual titles. First it was Cake by the Ocean, now Joe Jonas and co. are talking about toothbrushes in another catchy, funky track from their SWAAY EP.

Once again, Joe Jonas’ traditional high-pitched vocals make an appearance, with a falsetto chorus similar to Cake by the Ocean. However, the real difference comes with the verses, where we hear a more sassy, groaning vocal style from Joe similar to that of Flo Rida in I Don’t Like It, I Love It, and a plucky bass groove.

Whilst Cake by the Ocean is loud and vibrant, Toothbrush adopts a more chilled, smooth tone for their follow-up. It’s a move which will please fans of the band’s debut single, whilst offering something slightly different.

What do you think of Toothbrush? Is it better than Cake by the Ocean? Comment below!


One thought on “Musical Discovery: ‘Toothbrush’ by DNCE

  1. hahah ! I m sorry !! Ashley Graham is distracting 😛 and I have been following her much earlier than DNCE 😛 😛


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