Visiting the Sky Garden and Networking

The day started with me overlooking the London skyline, and ended with me networking with a variety of media companies and youth-focussed agencies within The O2. Last Thursday was a day when I explored more of London in the morning and afternoon, before attending GoThinkBig’s Ultimate Networker event in the evening.

First of all, the Sky Garden is something I’ve seen a few of my friends talk about before. For those who don’t know, it’s a space at the top of the ‘Walkie-Talkie’ building in London which has a restaurant, bar, garden and viewing platform. Entrance is free, and it offers stunning views of The Shard, the River Thames and much more.img_0692

You can watch my vlog where I talk about this in more detail on my YouTube channel at 7:30pm tonight, but the Sky Garden has a really relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. If it’s not the views, then the colourful garden certainly creates a calm feel. Whilst I was only there for the sights, there really is something for everyone. You can eat at the restaurant or bar, see the sights, explore the garden, or even get some work done (after all, it would be the perfect office space, right?)img_0641

For the rest of the day, I decided to explore some of London’s landmarks which I have never seen in person (only through news programmes or TV dramas). These included the Houses of Parliament, St. James’ Park, 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace. I had plenty of time to kill until 5pm, when it was time to go to GoThinkBig’s networking event.


The Ultimate Networker saw young people get clued up on networking before being given the opportunity to network with representatives from big tech and media companies – IBM, Channel 4 and O2 being three of the organisations in attendance.

I decided to apply for a place because as a student journalist, an impressive contacts book is something with a lot of employers will respect, and so being able to make connections with people is essential. Journalism is all about grabbing on to opportunities (as these can often cause a wonderful domino effect), and as networking guru Bella Networking repeatedly told us on the night: ‘networking creates opportunities’.

Now, as I begin to look through the business cards and prepare to send a lot of exciting emails, I’ve come to realise just how true that statement is.

Have you ever visited the Sky Garden? Which London landmarks have you seen before? Comment below!



6 thoughts on “Visiting the Sky Garden and Networking

  1. Hi Liam

    The first time went sightseeing in London was with my German boyfriend and my siblings. He’d been a few times before and I’d never been!

    We’ve never been to the sky garden though. I’ll add it to our must visit list.

    Good luck in your second year at University



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