A Change of Community

I’m an outsider in the blogging community. Aside from being one of the few male bloggers, I made the mistake of deciding to talk about politics (amongst other things) on this site, which many people know as a topic which you shouldn’t really talk about. If that isn’t the reason why my blog isn’t doing too great at the moment, then it’s because we’re all fed up of hearing the aftermath of Brexit, Donald Trump’s controversial rallies, or the ridiculous in-fighting within the Labour Party.

Thankfully, my music posts offer light relief from heavy politics, where I recommend a new song every Monday. However, for a long time I’ve noticed that whilst I enjoy sharing music I love on The Life of a Thinker, I rarely get any comments on these posts. It’s easier to prompt a discussion about Instagram Stories than it is about Sigala’s new single.

The ‘lifestyle blog’ genre is incredibly broad – more than the beauty and fashion blog genres, in fact. With these two categories, whilst the types of posts would be relatively similar (reviews of make-up products, OOTDs and so forth), it’s the writing style of the blogger or their fashion sense which really makes them stand out. Beauty and fashion bloggers stand out through their personalities, but lifestyle bloggers have to have an interesting personality alongside talking about topics which would interest people. What do we mean by a ‘lifestyle blog’? There are no typical blog posts to expect within this blogging genre – it still remains undefined.

It wasn’t long after I started my blog that I was made aware of these Twitter chats for bloggers, and I slowly introduced myself to the community. Since then, I’ve made new blogger friends, met some of them in real life, and have witnessed my fair share of drama.

The drama isn’t why I’m taking a step back, though. Part of my reason is summed up in an old blog post entitled How Twitter both separates and unites the blogging community, but in short, I feel as though the type of community I want to involve myself in is one which revolves around my blog, rather than the wider ‘blogosphere’.

Over the past few weeks, my follow count has been increasing at a steady pace, which is exciting. As I near 1,000 combined WordPress followers and e-mail subscribers, I’ve realised that just letting people stumble upon my blog – alongside scheduling tweets – is the best way for it to grow at the moment. Of course, many Twitter chats are a great way to boost your readership and to avoid that may seem rather surprising. However, I suppose it’s a mixture of not having the time to join in as much at the moment, combined with a dislike towards where the community is at the moment.

For now, I’m going to be focussing on the community which surrounds my blog, in the hope that this will lead to a small group of readers interacting with my posts on a regular basis and sharing the content with their friends. It’s a slow method of growing your blog, however at the moment, I’m not a fan of the alternative.

I may be leaving the blogging community for a while, but you know where to find me.



3 thoughts on “A Change of Community

  1. I get where you’re coming from with this post. I also feel like a bit of an outsider in the blogging community, and I feel like I don’t have a lot in common with many of the other bloggers I encounter on Twitter. At this point it’s fine with me that I don’t feel like part of a “community”, either one that revolves around my blog or blogging in general, because for me trying to maintain that sort of community relationship is more time and stress than it’s worth. I found myself comparing my blog with other people’s and finding it lacking, and that’s not something I need in my life. At the risk of doing exactly that sort of comparison again, it’s nice to hear that I’m not the only one taking a step back from the blogosphere.

    Danielle | solongusa.blogspot.com

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    • Thanks so much for commenting and sharing your thoughts. I agree, the community can sometimes lead to bloggers comparing themselves to others – I still do that often.

      I think just blogging about what I love will lead to a community building on its own. Thankfully, that’s not stressful for me as I love writing and my community doesn’t need much input from me, which is fortunate.


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