The beauty of looking forward

As I write this, there’s a lengthy to-do list beside me and Kygo’s Cloud Nine is playing in the background. I’ve never been this busy since I was at university in April. Now, as I only have a few weeks left before I’m back to the University of Lincoln for the second year of my journalism course, my task list is building. Whilst this may worry some people, for someone who constantly wants to be busy, yet have some spare time as well, I couldn’t be happier.

On Tuesday, I uploaded a re-introductory video on my YouTube channel. After uploads stalled for a few months, Summer in the City kicked it back to life, and I’ve decided to make videos about deafness, with the odd bit of lifestyle chucked in. Subscribe for new videos every Sunday. In fact, my next video will be up at 7:30pm tonight, where I will be talking about V Festival, amongst other things.

Aside from that, opportunities have come up which I have to prepare for. I won’t go into these just yet, but with every competition I enter and event I decide to attend, I learn something new and expand my network.

Throughout summer, I had a moment to think in the present, when considering my return to university felt like ages away. Now, I’m looking forward to returning to my radio show in Lincoln, getting involved with the university’s student newspaper, having a flat all to myself, Fresher’s Week (where Example, Scouting for Girls and BBC Radio 1’s Greg James are playing) and seeing Jonathan Pie and Russell Howard live. After a few months of taking a step back from looking ahead, I’m glad I’ve returned to looking forward at what’s coming up next.

How was your week? What did you get up to? What are you working on at the moment? Comment below!



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