Thoughts on V Festival 2016

The great thing about a festival is the choice of who you get to see. Justin Bieber and Rihanna were two acts set to grace the main stage, but I’m not the biggest fan of either. Whilst Bieber does make good music, I can’t stand him as a person and Rihanna’s music doesn’t really appeal to me. However, with multiple stages and a comedy tent to explore, there was always someone I wanted to see.


With Glastonbury, the artist on the line-up poster which had me jumping up and down with excitement was Two Door Cinema Club. A few months before the Worthy Farm festival I had rediscovered the band and fell in love with their music all over again, so to see them live was amazing. This time round, it was Sigala, Sia, and Eliza and the Bear.

Before I comment on those, it was also great to finally see Jess Glynne after she has released her debut album, I Cry When I Laugh. I missed out in 2015 when she pulled out of doing Glastonbury, and I went to see Pendulum instead at last year’s V Festival.  As expected, she delivered a phenomenal performance.

I was hoping that Imani Williams would appear during Sigala's set. It was brilliant to see her perform 'Say You Do' and 'Don't Need No Money'.
I was hoping that Imani Williams would appear during Sigala’s set. It was brilliant to see her perform ‘Say You Do’ and ‘Don’t Need No Money’.

As for Sigala, I’ve loved his music since Easy Love. His unique style of tropical house caught my attention and I’ve been obsessed with every new single he has released after that. He was fantastic, with his set – complete with a shack, bongos and other tropical props – mimicking his style of music. Whilst there was a hype man (the person who gets the crowd ‘hyped up’ before the beat drops), he did a great job of keeping the crowd entertained without talking too much – which I respect. Half way through his set, Sigala also did a mini DJ set, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was surprised to see Imani Williams and Bryn Christopher make an appearance too.


Sia is someone who is surrounded with mystery and is an artist you can’t help but be stunned by. Her voice is astounding and powerful – up there with Adele, I believe – and with her deciding to cover her face when performing in front of the cameras, she really does stand out in the music industry.

Before seeing her perform, I did wonder what her live shows would involve. I had heard a lot about her using dancers in her performances and presumed this would be the same at V Festival. After all, seeing a blindfolded singer attempt to interact with her fans for an hour wouldn’t be very entertaining. Instead, a small group of dancers took to the stage to move along to Sia’s impressive collection of songs. If anything, it was as if the Chandelier singer’s music was a soundtrack to a play. It was emotive and beautiful.


Last, but not least, I have to talk about Eliza and the Bear. On the cusp of entering the mainstream music scene, their audience was of a reasonable size, but it was enough to get me right up to the front, which was brilliant. The banter between the band members was hilarious, their songs were wonderfully upbeat and hearty, and their stage presence was great. I’m so glad I finally got round to seeing them.

On the whole, just when I thought I’d seen everyone I wanted to see, I realised that I could never stop wanting to see more people live. V Festival was great as always, and I had a blast with friends and family.

Acts I saw: David Guetta, Justin Bieber (partly), Faithless (partly), Sia, Zara Larsson, Kaiser Chiefs, Fleur East, Sigala, Lukas Graham, Example (partly), Eliza and the Bear, DNCE (partly), Mike Posner, James Morrison (partly), Jess Glynne, Bastille, MK,  Josh Widdecombe (partly) and other comedy acts.

Did you go to V Festival this year, or perhaps you saw the coverage on MTV and Channel 5? Who were your favourite performances? Comment below!



10 thoughts on “Thoughts on V Festival 2016

    • They weren’t too bad. They had some great floor-fillers, but there were some quieter, dull moments at times to. Insomnia was insane, of course.

      Who did you see instead?

      Thanks for commenting!


      • Didn’t know most of the stuff he played so that was a bit rubbish, his miming was so obvious and his conversation about pop tarts with the audience was awkward and cringey. The dancers were amazing though!

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      • Wait, he talked about pop tarts during his set? Well, that’s a little weird.

        Ah, halfway through Faithless I went to see a bit of Bieber. I saw a bit of ‘As Long As You Love Me’ but got bored very quickly. I was too far away to see the dancers.

        You did have a good time overall through, yes?

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      • Yeah it was so random he just started eating them, paused for a minute and was like ‘do you guys like pop tarts?’ then started talking about how the instructions on the packet are stupid; it was all very weird! Yeah I had a good weekend, it was just a very expensive one! Did you?

        Liked by 2 people

      • I bet Pop Tarts are very happy with the free promotion. How very strange!

        Ah, well I’m glad you had a good time, though. I had a blast, thanks!

        Thanks for commenting! I’m glad you enjoyed this post.

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