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Instagram Stories has started a new battle for social media apps. For years, the battle between Facebook and Twitter has dominated tech news, with the two websites becoming more similar each day. Now, the attention shifts towards a new type of communication and the latest trend – photo and video chats. In an attempt to adhere to the latest trends, Instagram has sacrificed its individuality. Whilst users want to be able to choose between social media platforms, they also want the one app to serve a specific purpose. It’s freedom of choice versus the desire for a social media monopoly. Twitter may be winning against Facebook as the platform for text-based communication, but now there must be one go-to app for sharing photos and videos. It’s Instagram vs. Snapchat.


Instagram’s new update exposed a conflicting desire in society: we all want a variety of apps for the collectibility aspect, but at the same time, we like all our needs being served in the form of one app. We want both a collection and an individual service. It is impossible to have both, and now that Instagram Stories is worryingly similar Snapchat, users are faced with a dilemma: to which social media platform do they remain loyal to?

“It seems like it’s lost touch with the spirit of innovation and creation” said YouTuber and online creator Hank Green in an Instagram story posted earlier this week. His views tapped into a larger issue in the social media industry today. It’s essentially a landscape where apps can either copy each other, or be left behind. Rather than tapping into new and exciting ideas, in order to continue their takeover of the specific market, social media websites are forced to mimic competitors. It’s not a great way for these apps to act, and leaves social media users torn between two or more great apps.

Aside from users questioning their loyalty to certain mobile applications, another dilemma comes in the form of their requests being ignored. Twitter users long for an edit button, and those who use Instagram want to see the old logo and a chronological timeline make a comeback. It’s concerning that instead of making these changes, they choose to mimic their rivals. If they are doing this out of fear for losing users, then listening to their demands would lead to them continuing to use the service, right?

Who will come out on top? I don’t know. However, whilst being the go-to app for videos and photos is an important thing in terms of keeping up with the market, listening to the demands of the public is one of the best ways to procure loyal and regular users. It’s about time that we determined the trends and updates for some of our favourite apps.



13 thoughts on “Instagram Stories: The battle for being the go-to photo app is on | The Friday Article

  1. Good post! I agree with the lack of creativity in mainstream apps, but then again when Snapchat happened I wasn’t (and am still not) into it. Still the instagram stories I really like because a) (like you said) all in one place b) no need to build an entirely new follower base c) I can post photos which are nice but just don’t fit into my feed in stories 🙂 and also those drawing tools in IG Stories are pretty cool!

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    • I think that’s where Instagram has the upper hand and may trump Snapchat. I think the public want a piece of technology or an app which does *everything*, but at the same time, we like collecting things. I think Instagram has appealed to the first part, and created an app which essentially makes Snapchat redundant as it is all in one app. It’s a nasty industry now that social media sites are blatantly copying each other in order to monopolise the market.

      In my opinion, I’ve always seen Snapchat as a more personal app, so I’ll probably use Instagram Stories as my ‘blog Snapchat’ to promote posts and so forth.

      Thanks for commenting! I’m glad you enjoyed the post.


  2. What you said about companies mimicking their rivals makes total sense. Snapchat stories make total sense but there was absolutely no demand for a similar thing to be placed onto instagram and it’s putting off loyal customers from using the service. I hate that the timeline isn’t chronological anymore, that was the beauty of it! It wasn’t a popularity contest, now it is. I get that companies want to change and develop and keep up with ever-changing times but not listening to their customers is damaging their reputations!


    • This is what I argue in the post as well. Social media sites copying each other is harming creativity, but then by not listening to customers, they are affecting the numbers. I think listening to the demands of loyal users – regarding things such as a chronological timeline or the logo being reverted to the original – will win over customers whilst becoming a more unique app. I think that’s the best option.

      Thanks for commenting!


  3. I still prefer snapchat over Instagram any Day! It just seems like Instagram is doing anything to keep its members around seen as Instagram itself has gotten VERY boring, same old, same old!

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  4. I love this post, before I get into commenting on the actual topic, I just have to say that I am obsessed with your writing style. On the topic of Instagram stories, I totally agree with you that social media sites copying one another is a threat to the creativity, but it does make sense for both to be in one place. I am still trying to decide whether I want to use both or just use one of them, but I’m not as annoyed with the whole stories thing as I am about the timeline not being chronological anymore, that has actually stopped me from using the app as much as I once did.

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    • Thank you so much! That really means a lot and I’m so glad you enjoyed the post.

      That’s very true. I think that’s what will give Instagram the upper hand – Snapchat and Instagram are now combined into one app. We want everything in one place so I think Instagram will win. It’s a nasty ‘copy or be left behind’ atmosphere.

      Ah yes, the loss of chronological timelines is something a lot of sites are doing at the moment – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all doing it.

      That’s the problem, rather than obeying the demands of users and letting that set the social media trends, one site has to make one change and the rest follow.

      Thanks for commenting!


  5. They really should listen to the people who use the apps, because when they don’t we will leave. I was never a big fan of Snapchat and preferred Instagram before it added stories. Now the stories don’t make me inclined to post on my actual IG if I can just put it in a story.


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