Musical Discovery: ‘Take A Walk’ by Passion Pit

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that my favourite song of all-time is Pay No Mind by Madeon feat. Passion Pit. The vocals have a positive message and the plucky guitar melody at the start is just great. However, for a long time now I haven’t listened to the featured artist – Passion Pit. It was only after a bit of searching that I discovered Take A Walk.

On Sunday, I asked my Twitter followers about whether to upload three individual reviews this week, or whether they should all be in one massive post. A few days before the Monday of this week, I wasn’t expecting any new music to come out, and so I reviewed Final Song by MØ. However, last Friday, Two Door Cinema Club surprised their fans with a new track called Bad Decisions. Finally, I stumbled across this track by Passion Pit and so I decided to post three reviews this week. I should also add that seeing a dog playing the drums to the track’s introduction also made me want to write about Take A Walk too.

Anyway, back to Take A Walk. After rediscovering the song, I just knew that I had heard it somewhere, be it on a movie soundtrack or on a TV advert (and no, not the Taco Bell one). At the start of the track, we hear a trumpet-style synth accompanied with a driving drum beat, and it met my expectations of what a typical Passion Pit song would sound like.

In his debut album Adventure, Madeon respected the musical style of every featured artist. We heard powerful drum beats in La Lune (which featured Bastille’s Dan Smith) and a more soulful pop track in You’re On (which suited the mellow vocals of Kyan). When it came to Pay No Mind, I could tell that Passion Pit’s style was plucky guitars and a little bit of synths, and this track certainly lives up to my expectations.

Whilst at first I wanted to compare this track to something from Imagine Dragons, Michael Angelakos’ vocals are rather unique in a heavily populated indie/alternative scene. They are soft and slightly whiny, but work perfectly with the backing instruments.

Lastly, we have the chant-like chorus, which has to be the most memorable part of the song. Although the lyrics are rather simplistic, it’s the return of the trumpet-synth along with the pulsing drums which really makes this chorus flourish.

What do you think of Passion Pit and Take A Walk? Are there any other songs that I should listen to? Have you heard of Pay No Mind? Comment below!



4 thoughts on “Musical Discovery: ‘Take A Walk’ by Passion Pit

  1. Take A Walk has always been one of my favorite songs! I think it’s super uplifting and a feel-good song.
    You may (or maybe not) have heard of ‘Midnight City’ by M83, reminds me of Passion Pit’s music, mainly because of the synths I’m assuming. 🙂

    Rae //


    • Definitely! I get that vibe too. It reminds me of Woodkid’s ‘Run Boy Run’ – not because of the actual style of the song, but because it has the same feel-good tone to it.

      Of course I have heard of ‘Midnight City’ by M83! It’s a great track and the main melody is so catchy.

      Thanks for commenting!


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