Review: ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ by J. K. Rowling (NO SPOILERS)

Last weekend, a fan base returned to a time of excitement. People could be found waiting outside bookstores and attending midnight parties, waiting for the next insight into the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter. On Sunday, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was released to the world.

 In a rush to avoid the spoilers which would inevitably make their way online, I started reading the book on the Sunday afternoon. Before I had started reading, I was curious as to how there could possibly be an eighth story. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows provided a sense of closure, sub-plots were resolved and characters were fully developed. However, after I finished reading the book the very same day, I realised that there was so much more to uncover.

 The key themes from the first seven novels also run through The Cursed Child. As well as this, we see some more questions answered, and some new secrets revealed. The eighth instalment sees a return to a fictional universe complete with magic, mystery and humour. Even when you’re only reading a script, which is, of course, different to a novel, I still imagined ways in which certain plot points could be recreated on stage. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a wonderful return to the wizarding world and the life of Harry Potter, when we thought there was no more stories left to tell. Throughout the book, I became increasingly curious to see how such magic can be translated onto the stage.

Now, to try and get tickets to see the play itself…

Have you read Harry Potter and The Cursed Child yet? Or have you seen the play? What did you think? Comment your thoughts below – but please, no spoilers!



18 thoughts on “Review: ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ by J. K. Rowling (NO SPOILERS)

  1. Yes, I read it in ebook. I got a shock when I went to download it from iBooks and received a message saying, “This item is no longer available.” I tried several times to no avail. I even posted my frustration and joined the queue of thirty at my local library to reserve it. Then I tried again and it downloaded fine. It must have been a glitch, because how can you run out of ebooks?

    When Deathly Hallows came out, I went to the publisher HQ to get a review copy, which I was requested to finish reading that day, so my review could appear on January Magazine. I did, too! 🙂

    And I finished this one, though I haven’t reviewed it, not knowing how I could do it without spoilers. And yes, it was good, very good; I just wish that I could see the performance. Maybe they’ll bring it here a bit sooner than The Mousetrap, which finally toured a couple of years ago!


    • Oh, that is very bizarre. As for borrowing a copy from the library, I can’t bear to think of the amount of reservations they’ve had for the book, haha! There’s nothing better than owning a copy for yourself, I say.

      Oh really? That’s so cool! I’ve done a few ARCs myself but I’ve never done something like that.

      Oh, I haven’t seen or heard of Mousetrap, and yes, I really do need to see the play.

      Thanks for commenting!


      • The Mousetrap is the very famous Agatha Christie play that has been on in London since before even I was born. I suspect you have heard of it, just not made the connection. 😉 My sister had always wanted to see it, but she has never left Australia. So when we heard it was coming to Melbourne I booked us both tickets months before.

        Yes, I got through Deathly Hallows in a day. Fortunately, it was a Saturday, so I was not at work. I remember going to a pub where my nephew and his rock band were performing that evening. I came early, bought a cuppa and sat down to read while I waited. I was nearly finished. Someone at the next table said, “Excuse me, have you really read that far?” I said yes, I had. The editor of January Magazine lives in Canada, so there was a large time zone difference. I emailed her the next morning to say she would have the review in two hours. She said that was fine, she’d look for it after dinner. It was still Saturday evening, Canada time! So, that’s how I read and reviewed the novel the first day it came out.

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      • Oh yes, now I remember. It rings a bell. Oh, that’s great! I really do hope the play does make its way around the world. I think Rowling released the script so international fans could read it too, as most people would be unlikely to see the London play.

        Oh wow – lucky! I could never read that fast, haha!


  2. I’m a massive Harry Potter fan and finished The Cursed Child today. Unfortunately, I’m one of those people, who think it reads like fan fiction. :/ (And not even well written, I might add.)
    I didn’t recognise my so beloved characters and the plot left me disappointed and unsatisfied.
    Still, I’m super interested in the play but as I’m from Germany and the tickets are a nightmare to get hold off anyway, this probably won’t happen.

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    • I see, that’s a shame. I rather enjoyed the plot and thought it read well. Granted, I did feel a bit lost at some points but I haven’t read the series in ages. As for not recognising the characters, perhaps it’s because I read the original series when I was younger, but I think now that we’re 19 years later, the characters have matured. I think there’s still the childish characteristics but we also see them develop and I like that.

      I managed to get tickets to see the play in August 2017 – I can’t wait!

      Thanks for commenting!


  3. I’ve not read this yet, partly because I’ve got tickets for New Year’s Day 2017. However, I feel as if avoiding spoilers for that long is going to be almost impossible, so now honestly I’ve got no idea what to do. May just bite the bullet and take it on holiday as a poolside read. We’ll see!


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  4. I read this on iBooks on the minute of its release… I went it with the knowledge of it not being written by Rowling so I treated it as a fanfic as such. As a Fanfic it was the perfect story to come along 19 years later but as the 8th story I’m not 100% satisfied. Really fun though so hope I get chance to see it on stage. I love the universe and it’s a perfect compliment to it

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    • I know what you mean. A lot of people are saying it’s more of a fan fiction, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I managed to grab tickets to see the show, and I look forward to seeing how the play compares to the book.


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