Musical Discovery: ‘Dancing on Glass’ by St. Lucia

Admittedly, I was stuck for a song to review for this week. I was torn between asking on Twitter for new songs to listen to, writing about my rediscovery of Keane’s music, and reviewing this track from St. Lucia. In the end, with the UK being in the middle of a decent summer, I thought I would review Dancing on Glass.

Some great ideas can come from the ‘Notes’ app on your iPhone. For me, it’s often full of sections from uncompleted novels and things my friends have said at a time when a pen and some paper weren’t to hand. After looking through them a few weeks ago, I noticed what seemed to be song titles in one file, so I opened it, searched for the songs online and this was one of them.

If the powerful, driving instrumental at the beginning of the track, doesn’t intrigue you, then the vibrant vocals of Jean-Philip Grobler makes Dancing on Glass a catchy anthem worth listening to. For me, the main synth melody running throughout the song is the most distinctive and memorable part. That being said, the lyrics in the loud chorus sound almost chant-like and adds to this sense of euphoria created by St. Lucia.

As someone who has fallen in love with alternative music lately, here’s hoping that St. Lucia (along with The Magic Gang and Two Door Cinema Club) are not the last musical discoveries I make in this genre.


Like my Musical Discovery posts? I compiled a massive Spotify playlist full of all the tracks I’ve reviewed over the past four years including songs by Jess Glynne, Muse, Two Door Cinema Club and Madeon. Follow and listen to my playlist by clicking here or searching ‘Liam’s Ultimate Musical Discoveries’.


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