The confusion of a nostalgic limbo

Tonight, one of my favourite TV shows as a child is making a comeback. Robot Wars – a 90’s gameshow where homemade robots attack each other – along with The Crystal Maze, were the two main shows which excited me back then. As a 19-year-old, of course I feel nostalgic, but the feeling is a little bit different to me now.

Photo: Yu Tong on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons -
Photo: Yu Tong on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons –

Last night, I realised I was in a confusing state of nostalgia – almost like I was in limbo. For me, reminiscence will always be at its most emotional when our childhood and teenage years are but a distant memory. Whilst I can look back and smile at what I was like as a kid, I still have another few months of being a teenager. It’s hard for me to reflect on a period of my life which is still underway. This is what I mean by my rather poetic title: the confusion of a nostalgic limbo.

Childhood and the seven years as a teenager are what I’d call ‘the nostalgic years’. Beyond that, out strongest memories are our ‘firsts’: your first house, your first child, your first full-time job and so forth.

If I have just under one nostalgic year left before life becomes all about these ‘firsts’, then I should probably make the most of it.


4 thoughts on “The confusion of a nostalgic limbo

  1. By realising this, by being so self aware you can probably create some great momories to look back on later!
    I find it interesting that you see 20 as such a distinct border into adulthood (or at least out of teen-hood)!

    Have a good ‘last nostalgic year’ 😉


    • Very true. I think now that I’ve noticed I have a few months left of the nostalgic years, I’ll really be determined to make memories to look back and smile at in later life.

      Oh, I meant 20 as the last year of being a teenager, and that marking the end of ‘the nostalgic years’. Although, come to think of it, I definitely think that you’re well into adulthood when you’re 20 (you are technically an adult when you turn 18, of course).

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. I feel you, I’m the same age and it’s such a strange feeling being nostalgic about childhood when I’m still so young! I love the last sentence though, really puts it in to perspective.

    Cathy x


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