Musical Discovery: ‘Living’ by Bakermat feat. Alex Clare

Facebook’s advertising has always been impressive when it comes to helping me find new music. Thanks to music videos frequently popping up on my News Feed, I have been able to find artists such as RAC in the past. Now, I’ve discovered Bakermat and his latest single, Living featuring Alex Clare.

For around two weeks, I’ve been waiting to hear Living in full. On June 22, Bakermat released a short teaser video of the single, and I was hooked. 

To start with, the track opens with a vibrant and upbeat guitar riff before we hear Alex Clare’s soulful vocals. After appearing on other dance and drum and bass releases such as Endorphins by Sub Focus and Rudimental’s Not Giving In, it’s great to see the singer featured on another dance track.

The other aspect of Living which intrigued me was the funky and jazzy saxophone solo in the chorus. At a time where most dance tracks are either tropical or laid-back, it’s refreshing to hear something a little bit different, which really does stand out.

On my first listen, the bridge did sound like the chorus itself. However, after listening to the track in full and more than once, the bridge actually does a good job of progressing into the chorus.

On the whole, Living is a refreshing dance-funk track complete with soulful vocals from Alex Clare. If a loud, fast-paced electronic anthem isn’t your thing, then this chilled single from Bakermat may be right up your street.

What do you think of Living? Are you a fan of Alex Clare or Bakermat? Comment below!


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