After her first speech as PM, Theresa May must defy her party in order to unite the country | The Friday Article

Theresa May faces a challenge which the media are failing to report. After her first speech as Prime Minister, May must now confirm her intentions – be it delivering on the rather left-wing, anti-establishment policies mentioned in her statement, or adhering to the desires of capitalism and business which are at the heart of the Conservative party.

Theresa May
Theresa May’s first speech as Prime Minister was left-wing and anti-establishment. The public will want these changes to happen, and she must make them happen. Photo: DFID – UK Department for International Development on Flickr.

After all, Britain’s vote to leave the European Union was – amongst other things – a mass rejection of the establishment’s ideology. Our society is fed up with governments working with big businesses and wants democracy, accountability and more power brought to us as individual members of society.

Whilst May’s talks of unity would be expected from both sides of the political spectrum after such a divisive EU referendum, the former Home Secretary’s plans to lead a government “driven not by the interests of the privileged few, but by [the majority]” would alarm fellow Tory MPs. A party which has always been on the side of businesses and entrepreneurs would be reluctant to turn these ambitions around in a slight move to the left.

The public long for some political stability at a time where their trust in politics is almost non-existent. Whilst Theresa May becoming Prime Minister may help with the former, it’s the decision she makes next which determines whether the public will begin to trust politicians again.

Theresa May’s speech alluded to equal pay and fairer legislation when it comes to taxes, and they are policies which those filled with hope and longing will cling on to. Fixing the divisions caused by Brexit is only one part of the problem, as should Theresa May turn her back on these left-wing policies, then the anti-establishment rhetoric and division within British society will only grow, and their party will crumble.

May was pandering to this exact mindset in her first statement, and so it was no surprise that the speech was heavily left-wing and anti-establishment – the real surprise was that it was spoken by a Conservative politician. Now, Theresa May must choose between following the beliefs of the public, or the privileged few who always drive the policies of her political party.



2 thoughts on “After her first speech as PM, Theresa May must defy her party in order to unite the country | The Friday Article

  1. I think she’s being tactical but I don’t particularly trust her, simply because I don’t really know her. Without the big build up to the general election, I don’t think us, the general public, really understand her policies and what she’s about. I think she’s a clever individual, but she’s picked a rather stupid cabinet…



    • I think Boris Johnson’s appointment as Foreign Secretary did raise some eyebrows, that’s for sure.

      As for Theresa May, yes, she is very clever and tactical. Staying quiet whilst backing the losing side worked, and didn’t end up with her political career being cut short (unlike Cameron and Osborne). It meant she could run for Tory leadership without any EU referendum soundbites hanging over her shoulder.

      I do question how genuine May’s speech was. I think the rest of the Conservative party will be very persuasive when it comes to bringing May back into the right end of the political spectrum.

      Thanks for commenting!


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