The Wednesday Problem

I was hoping that this post would either end up being a review of the book I’m currently reading, or a piece sharing my top tips for blogging or saving your battery on your iPhone. In the end, I couldn’t write the book review as the book still remains unfinished, and the other blog post idea felt forced. Whilst I want to adhere to my schedule, I don’t want to push out articles for the sake of it.

Wednesdays have always been a problem. Whilst Mondays always have been about music, Fridays have been opinion pieces and Sundays are usually lifestyle or writing updates, Wednesdays have always been a day free from any specific theme. As a result, I’ve had to hope that something eventful pops up in my life or in the news for me to cover. However, this week hasn’t been one of those weeks.

If you read Sunday’s post, you’ll know that I’ve had a little blogging crises lately. Trying to figure out what I write about on a Wednesday has been something which has bothered me for a while now. If my blog does come down to writing, books politics and music, then writing or book reviews could be what I write about on the Wednesday. However, given how slow progress on my book has been, and how long it takes me to finish a book nowadays, it won’t be a series I could keep up.

I’ll be honest, this post was mostly to give me time to think of a new post for next week, but I can’t continue to do this and need a new series on the blog. I’ve always said that you should let your passions drive your blog, and mine are politics, writing, books and music. Other than that, deafness and poetry are another two, but I really don’t see myself writing about them long into the future.

So I ask you: what would you want to see on my blog on a Wednesday? Do you have any advice? Comment below!



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