Musical Discovery: ‘Don’t Need No Money’ by Imani Williams feat. Sigala & Blonde

Don’t Need No Money is the second collaboration involving Imani Williams and Sigala, and it’s definitely better than the first. Say You Do (feat. Imani & DJ Fresh) started with a tropical synth melody before quickly descending into a typical drum-and-bass track. Instead of the single fusing both of the DJ’s traditions, Say You Do was dominated by a fast-paced, driving drum beat, which is something you don’t hear on a song by Sigala. This time round, the Sweet Lovin’ DJ was wise to collaborate with house duo Blonde, who share a similar style to him. The result – Don’t Need No Money – is a wonderful blend of deep house and vibrant piano stabs, and adds to a long list of successful hits produced by Sigala.

Of course, I’m not saying that every single collaboration between two artists should be an equal, 50/50 split in terms of the song’s structure, but this track definitely does that. From the beginning, we hear Sigala’s pronounced synth chords, which continue straight into the chorus. Then, as the song progresses into the second verse, we hear Blonde’s deep house synth melodies. Whilst listeners would expect the transition from the first verse to the second to be a little awkward, the quick change in styles actually works and it’s great that both Sigala and Blonde’s ideas for the track can fit the same template.

This is especially the case in the chorus, where we hear the vibrant synth chords with deep house undertones just before a verse where Imani can showcase her vocal talents. In terms of the lyrics, they are catchy and positive – like the instrumental aspect of this song. However, the only disadvantage to the single is the bridge: “Now I’m talking about diamonds in your eyes/I’m thinking about loving you for life/There’s something about you/That got me feeling like“, which does feel a little rushed and abrupt. If these lyrics were repeated, then the progression into the chorus would have been more smooth, in my opinion.

However, on the whole, Don’t Need No Money is another euphoric single by Sigala at a time where a lot of fans – myself included – are anticipating the DJ’s debut album. With plenty of singles under his belt already, the sound of his first album is definitely sounding promising.

What do you think of Don’t Need No Money? Is it better than Say You Do? What do you think of Sigala’s music? Comment below!



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