Musical Discovery: ‘Say It Again’ by Frances

It was one of the songs I couldn’t get out of my head at this year’s Glastonbury. Ever since I heard Borrowed Time on BBC Radio 1 earlier this year, I continued to keep a close eye on BRITs Critics’ Choice Award nominee, Frances. Last week, the singer was back with Say It Again.

Sitting at a piano at the Pussy Parlure stage, her set offered acoustic versions of previous releases, plus an exclusive look at her latest single, Say It Again. Now, the complete studio version offers backing vocals and a driving drum beat amongst other instruments. On the whole, after the emotional track, Don’t Worry About Me, it’s great to see Frances alternate between heartfelt ballads and upbeat melodies. If this is something which continues in the tracklist for her debut album, then it’s definitely a release to look out for.

In terms of the track itself, I found the opening melody – which also appears at the end of each chorus – the most catchy and memorable aspect of the single along with the chant-like ‘Say it again’. As for the verses, the fluttering pace of the lyrics throughout the song really makes it an interesting track. From the lines: “Then there’s me / hopelessly” being rather staccato, to the faster line: “Of hearing three little words from your mouth“, the change in the rhythm throughout the track is unique and enticing.

Say It Again is another track from Frances which continues to showcase her warm and relaxing vocals, and how it can suit songs of different styles. As we wait for her debut album, Say It Again is the latest release adding to a large collection of successful singles.

What do you think of Say It Again? Comment below!


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