Writing Update: Now, to sort out a plot…

Forgetting about my idea for a work of fiction does worry me. One of the ideas I stick by when it comes to writing is that an idea worth writing down is one that won’t go away. Whilst this story has survived many rewrites, due to being so busy this week, other things have taken the forefront of my mind and in doing so, my plot idea has been pushed aside. Does that mean that my story is no longer interesting? Have I lost my passion for my work in progress? Have I lost my writing mojo (something I said had returned in last week’s Writing Update)?

Writing Update Notepad
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Probably not. Earlier this week, I managed to solve an issue with one of my sub-plots, and only managed to write it down later on. For me, plotting my idea is always the part which scares me the most. In the past, I’ve tried writing without no clear structure, and detailing what happens in my book chapter-by-chapter. Either way, both methods at some point lead to me panicking about the final length of my novel (I always fear that it would be too short) and so I give up – hence this not being the first time I’ve started up my Writing Update series.

Since then, people have talked about developing my characters and using them to create sub-plots, which should ultimately flesh out the wider story in general. I’ve been working on this on the past few weeks or so and now that my final sub-plot has been sorted this week, I can finally start to develop my story further.

My book is still in the planning stages, but as soon as it’s all planned out, then I cannot wait to put pen to paper.

How was your week? Are you writing a novel? Comment below!


7 thoughts on “Writing Update: Now, to sort out a plot…

  1. I feel the same way tbh. I think planning is the hardest part (until you have to start and write), as a writer you are itching to just write and planning seems so tedious. I am writing a novel, or at least trying to, but I have this one idea — I know how I want to end it but no idea what to fill the beginning and middle with (custard probably). Good luck!

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    • I think we’re both in the same boat. I know how my book will end, and a little bit at the beginning, but it’s the middle I need to work on. It’s all about fleshing it out…

      Thank you! Thanks for commenting.

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  2. I had my second book in a series all planned out. I had written up an outline. By the time I got the first book written, edited, and ready for publication, I’d forgotten all the details of the second book. Now I’m stuck.

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  3. My friend/coworker is writing a novel. She’s on the second draft of the whole thing, but it takes so much determination! It doesn’t sound like you’ve lost your writing mojo haha, just sounds like a panic/crisis! :p



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