What is a lifestyle blog? I don’t know, but The Life of a Thinker is changing for the better

What is a lifestyle blog? It’s something I’ve wondered for a while now, since the blogging category has become so broad lately. In fact, not many things within the community are easily defined, meaning the main aspect of our blog which we can call our ‘niche’ is our life, our writing style and our personality. For almost four years, The Life of a Thinker has been the name of this corner of the internet, and I’ve continued to question whether it’s the right title to use – at a time where the only time I talked about my life on here was in my Weekly Update series (which no longer exists), and a lifestyle blog is so loosely defined.


So it’s fair to say that my blog has been experiencing something of an existential crisis. I’ve recently made the decision to stop featuring guest bloggers on The Life of a Thinker, and working on turning the blog into an online portfolio – with more journalistic pieces as part of my Friday Article series.

This brings me on to the main aspect of this blog post. Every week, I’ve been writing an opinion piece based on a trending news story, and I have received so many interesting, informative and kind comments about these articles. What’s interesting is that I have always found opinion pieces or columns difficult to write, yet my blog statistics tell me that Friday is my most popular day, and a lot of my Friday Articles get shared around a lot, so thank you.

Whilst this blog’s content is drifting away from what The Life of a Thinker implies as a name, I still like the title for this website, and I’m pleased with where the blog is heading. As for the lifestyle aspect, well, I  will continue to update you when interesting moments in my life happen, whenever that may be. But for now, The Life of a Thinker is changing, and I’m happy with that.

What do you think about the changes to my blog? Is there something you’d like to see on The Life of a Thinker? Comment below!



4 thoughts on “What is a lifestyle blog? I don’t know, but The Life of a Thinker is changing for the better

  1. What I love about “lifestyle blogs” is that they can be defined on your own terms. If, for you, writing and thinking critically is a way of life, that’s perfectly valid. It must resonate with quite a few of us! I’m a new reader and I’m impressed with the few Friday Article entries I’ve read so far so I think transitioning to an online portfolio of you journalistic writing is a smart, sustainable idea. I wish you all the best with it, Liam!

    Esmé | TheFive.Es

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment, Esmé! I’m so glad you like The Friday Article series – I’m continuing to make it a regular thing as I love writing them, and it seems people enjoy reading them too.

      Interesting… I definitely think the life we all lead is unique to us, so I quite like the idea that the term ‘lifestyle blogger’ is self-defined.

      Thanks again for commenting!


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