Time: new adventures and blogging schedules

It’s a weird and exciting phenomenon I’ve talked about a lot on this blog. Whilst being in education, there comes a point where the academic year finishes and there’s a long break before I do it all again. Every time this has happened to me, I fill it with opportunities to explore the world and gain invaluable work experience.

Already I have a lot of things lined up until I go back to university in September. They’re all unbelievable and are fun things to look forward to after a long time spent studying for a degree. I’ve said it before, but the new opportunities which come with studying at university are incredible. The experiences themselves are phenomenal, and can even pave the way to new opportunities as well. It’s a beautiful domino effect which only benefits your career prospects and contact book further – perfect for the aspiring journalist!

Then there’s the other thing to do with time which has been on my mind this week. I’m on my way to reaching a personal blogging target of 12,000 views this year – which equates to the rather amazing statistic of over 1,000 views per month (something I’ve always wanted to mention to others when talking about my blog). Whilst the amount of views I get every day is impressive – I am grateful for them but at the same time know that blogging isn’t all about the numbers – I can’t help but feel like a better timed post could lead to it getting read by more people.

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, I post at 12pm, with the post going up at 7pm if I’m experiencing a creative block on that day. This structure is perfect as that 7pm time usually offers me a second chance to get a post out on the day, but it has deterred me from making 7pm the time I publish all of my posts, as it means I have less of the day left to promote the post (as opposed to 12pm, where I can share the new piece on social media for the remainder of the day). So now, I’m debating whether to adjust my blogging schedule.

Personally, I’m still pretty much in favour of maintaining the 12pm posting time (as it’s something which is pretty beneficial for readers across the globe). However, I know that the best people to ask about when they read my blog is you.

So I should ask: when do you read my blog? On what day(s) and at what time(s)? Comment below!



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